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Bullying is one of the gravest negative traits of the combustible younger generation. This behavior is mostly connected to the students in schools and colleges. To begin with, the fresher becomes the ideal “raw-material” for bullying. …
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Download file to see previous pages To begin with, the fresher becomes the ideal “raw-material” for bullying. The reason being the freshmen are in minority and the senior students are in majority. The latter have gone through the experience of bullying and are waiting for their opportunity to take revenge. Taunts, intimidation, threats and violence are different forms of bullying and it is growing in all the directions like the octopus. The hopeful sign is that there has been increased awareness about the measures to checkmate bullying with those concerned with this issue, parents, teachers and guardians of the society. Making of a bully Vile bullying is tantamount to criminal behavior. In the educational institutions it is practiced by the bullies as if it is part of their curriculum. Some of the reasons for bullying are frustration, absence of role model, abuse and neglect at home, undue influence of peers and conduct disorder etc. The seed for the trait of bullying is sown at home. Children have impressionable minds, and when parents do not spare enough time for them to meet their genuine needs, they rebel internally and when suppressed over a long period, it results in aggression. A youth fights to establish his own identity failing which he associates with like-minded friends and plans violent acts to give vent to his suppressed desires and goals. The materialistic civilization and the internet revolution have contributed their share to making the youth take to the path of negativities and violence. A youth comes to believe that bullying is the best and immediate solution for all his problems. Acceptable behavior for young adults and solution to bullying, its different perspectives A bully, when called to account, will go to the typical denial mode immediately. This is the common reaction. The bully thinks that offence is the best form of defense. Bullies are excellent manipulators and are experts in passing on the responsibility. In schools and colleges, to tackle bullying has to be the important part of the school discipline. Students should have a clear understanding at the time of admission that aggression, bullying and violence are not acceptable. A written communication needs to be sent to the guardians and parents mentioning their responsibility on this count and with clear indications about the anti-bullying policy of the institution. The tolerance limit for this negative tendency should be zero and the one who still rebels must find accommodation in reformatory schools, if not outright rustication. The punishment meted out needs to be stern warning to other intending bullies that not only their educational career, but their future is in jeopardy if they violate rules. At the same time all possible counseling methods need to be employed to tame a bully and guidance provided to him as to how to deal with aggression. The bully should be told firmly about the benefits of interaction in a responsible and respectable manner with fellow students, juniors and the teaching faculty. Physical punishment is inappropriate as it will not deliver permanent solution to heal the injured psyche of the affected individual. The final solution to tackle bullying is the collective responsibility of the senior students, teachers, parents and the moral guardians of the society like preachers and spiritual masters. Meekness is not a virtue in all circumstances. Even the most disciplined student need to stand up to the bullies to check them from further adventures. The wise saying goes, “Meet good with good and evil with justice.” Most of the bullies are internally cowards. David Derbyshire writes about two interesting findings by the researchers, “Children who returned hostility with hostility appeared to be the most mature, the researchers found. Boys who stood ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This conduct may be in the form of criticism, isolation and fault-finding, being shouted at, excessive monitoring, humiliation, exclusion, and invalid warnings among many others. Perpetrators of bullying in the work place venture their conduct in a repeated pattern of incidents that are intended to offend, intimidate, humiliate or degrade a person or persons.
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While there is no globally conventional formal description of workplace bullying, a number of investigators have attempted to define bullying. Several group all acts of malintent and harmful boss behavior aimed at workers as bullying. In addition, bullying activities may be implied in iterative protocols or programs and humiliation designed as being in the benefit of worker coaching and development.
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The prevalence rate of bullying has gone up in many social circles as it is seen as normal in everyday society. In institutions, many consider it a rite of passage as students are initiated into society by their peers after going through different sorts of bullying.
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Since childhood is the most vulnerable period in anyone’s life, due to the newness of the real world, the most impact is made by the experiences of this phase. Where positive experience are ideal for a healthy psychological development, negative experiences lead to severe damaging psychological affects in a child’s life when he steps into adolescent age and it is cemented in his adulthood.
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73). By using this as the theoretical framework, the author premised that people who are take promises seriously and have a particular system for keeping promises are the ones who could
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The problems arising from bullying were easy to control in the past. However, controlling bullying today has become a challenge due to pace of technological innovations (Donegan 1). Bullying has been on the increase into cyberspace mostly because of the rise of technologies
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Just because many a times bullying is not visible, people think that bullying does not actually exist. The primary thing to be understood about bullying is that it is an activity that
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Bullying in schools comes different forms. For instance, verbal bullying is rampant in virtually all school. The perpetrators may call the victims names, make insulting
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The paper will focus on bullying at the workplace. There are various reasons for bullying in the workplace. The main reason has been shown as a way of hiding inadequacy (Tim Field Foundation 1). Individuals that choose bullying
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Victims of bullying are faced with taunting, harassment, and humiliation. Bullying is a type of aggressive conduct that is not only in schools but everywhere (Sanders, 2004). The increased incidence of bullying drove me to conduct an
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