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Managerial report speech about workplace bullying - Term Paper Example

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MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION REPORT Summary Title By Name In contemporary America, most people would be shocked to come into terms with the fact that work place bullying is a common practice in most workplaces. Most leaders and managers may take advantage of their employees through various forms of leverage and force them to do things for them through fear and intimidation…
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Managerial report speech about workplace bullying
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Download file to see previous pages More than a third of the employees in the US have been affected by work place bullying according to a study conducted by the Workplace bullying institute (Namie, 2008). Work place bullying is defined as the behavior that is aimed at making other employees feel offended or intimidated (Einarsen, Hoel, Zapf and Cooper, 2005). Examples of work place bullying includes unfair treatment, picking on one employee to do all the work, spreading malicious rumors, denying a particular worker promotion and training opportunities and undermining an experienced worker (Oade, 2009). It can happen by email, via phone, by letter or face to face. Employees are bullied for a number of reasons such as age, gender, sexual preference, disability and religion. Types of work place bullying There are different forms of bullying that cause unnecessary stress to the victims of bullying. Occurrences of bullying may lead to the overworking of employees to an extent of a physical breakdown, isolating them or making them quit working with the company (Lester, 2013). Various types of bullying are discussed below: i) Verbal abuse This involves the use of a words to inflict harm, attack, control, intimidate or verbally attack another person. In other words, it entails inflicting mental cruelty to employees in an attempt to demoralize them or force them take part in activities they are not willing to (Oade, 2009). ii) Work interference This is where an employee or the management gets in the way of the work of another employee through sabotage (Einarsen, Hoel, Zapf and Cooper, 2005). iii) Cyber bullying This is the most prevalent and modern way of bullying where offensive emails are sent to employees with the sole intention of offending them (Lester, 2013). Such emails have been known to contain offensive or sexual messages that offend the employees. iv) Regulation bullying This entails legal bullying which is one of the worst forms of bullying as it manipulates the law to bully the employees (Oade, 2009). Companies identify the weakness in a particular litigation and use it to bully workers by making them work for longer hours or sign unfair contracts. v) Corporate bullying This is where employers take advantage of their employees owing to the facts that the litigation in a particular industry is weak and there is a scarcity of employment opportunities. For example, there are companies who force their employees to work for longer hours and dismiss those who object (Einarsen, Hoel, Zapf and Cooper, 2005). By employing employees on short- term contracts and those who object are fired. vi) Institutional bullying This is a form of bullying that is similar to corporate bullying. The only difference is that is that bullying has become a common practice in the organization such that it is a part of the organization’s culture (Oade, 2009). vii) Client bullying This is where employees are bullied by those they work for. For example, bankers or those in the service industry are bullied by their customers, social workers and nurses are bullied by their patients and families while teachers are bullied by students and parents. These are the major forms of workplace bullying that are common in the contemporary world (Einarsen, Hoel, Zapf and Cooper, 2005). Statics and supporting evidence on work place bullying The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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