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Increased Incidence of Teen Suicide - Essay Example

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In this paper "Increased incidence of teen suicide" authors reveals the main factors of influence on such terrible problem as teenager suicide including misguiding influence of peers, family tensions, problems of mental health overall and other causes…
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Increased Incidence of Teen Suicide
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Medical practitioners have identified “adolescence” as the most explosive period of change in the life of a human being. It is the time when a child grows into an adult and is often encountered by explosive and challenging situations. The young adult goes through hormonal changes which in turn causes major alterations in his physical and emotional state of existence. Sometimes, this becomes a traumatic experience for the teenagers, when they do not have proper guidance from adults on how to adapt themselves to this particular phase of life. Youths in their adolescent years tend to get bored easily and constantly seek unique activities that can stimulate their senses. However, they are also found to resist any major changes in their lifestyle as suggested by their guardians. This often becomes a paradoxical situation for the teenager: while he himself experiences internal physical and emotional changes, he becomes averse to the alterations of the outside world. It is very important for adults to intervene at this stage of a youth’s life. Without proper guidance from experienced people, teenagers find themselves in a lonely world. When this is combined with other problems like the fear of social exclusion, substance abuse etc. it can lead into a vicious cycle of depression. Social researchers have identified depression as the most common cause of teenage suicide instances. (Maples, Packman, Abney et al, 397-405)
Misguiding influence of peers During adolescence, young adults experience an urgency of developing their own personality to gain an acceptance in society. During the years of middle school, the teenager’s life is hugely influenced by the opinion of his friends and peers in school. The building and breaking of friendships and other relationships in this stage also have a significant impact on the young adult. His “changing years” had already rendered him in a vulnerable and emotionally unstable state of mind. Sometimes, the meandering nature of his peer relations become too much for him to bear. In 1993, a study conducted by McKee, Jones and Barbie have shown that in such cases many teenagers thought that ending their lives would provide a solution to all their problems. Some youths also considered suicide as a fascinating and unique idea for experimentation. (Maples, Packman, Abney et al, 397-405) Family Tensions According to a research by Wenz in 1989, most of the middle school children committing suicide had referred to family problems as the reason, in their respective suicide notes. 50 % of the teenagers had declared that regular tensions in family life had driven them to adopt such a drastic step. The other half this population had mentioned that their predicament was caused by their mothers being consistently depressed. However, both these causes are somewhat overlapping and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Increased Incidence of Teen Suicide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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