How Immigration Affect Social and Economic Status of Sending and Receiving Countries - Research Proposal Example

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The following paper "How Immigration Affect Social And Economic Status Of Sending And Receiving Countries" deals with the effects of globalization that are broadly recognized in economic, social and political segments making immigration a significant dynamic in global affairs…
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How Immigration Affect Social and Economic Status of Sending and Receiving Countries
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Download file to see previous pages Accordingly, the effects of immigration are demarcated to indicate those affecting the country of origin and those affecting the receiving country. In general, it is evident that immigration has dual effects in the sense that the movement of people from one country to the other affects the sending country on one hand and the host country on the other.
Immigration is an imperative dynamic in the international economy (Hall 59). Research estimates indicate that more than 110 million people reside outside their countries of origin. This shows that the aspect of immigration plays a critical position in economic, communal and political lives of many people across the world. People travel away from their nations of birth due to a number of reasons though it is mostly perceived that a majority of immigrants move away from their homes in search of opportunities for employment. It is clearly established that there are countless economic and social effects of immigration. In a nutshell the most significant implications of immigration may include; first and foremost, effects on the host nation’s employment market whereby immigration could cast severe implications on the host countries wages and employment opportunities. Subsequently, immigration could immensely influence the budgetary arrangement of the destination country because the services received by the immigrants including education and health may not strictly balance with the increased taxes from workers (Berg and Bodvarsson 27). Additionally, immigration could offer a credible solution to the problem of the aging population in the country of destination. Lastly, immigration may significantly affect the economy of the sending country both positively and negatively though some negative effects could turn around as benefits to the country. For instance, brain drain is a harmful implication of immigration to the country of origin but could end up being positive if the remaining workforce is well organized and trained. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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