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The Effect of Globalization on Muslim Youth - Essay Example

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There is no doubt in the notion that globalization has effected the Muslims by taking on new meanings in the wake of global processes. On one hand where it has provided unlimited opportunities in the name of 'outsourcing' and 'liberalism', on the other end we cannot ignore the distance it has broadened across time and place…
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The Effect of Globalization on Muslim Youth
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Globalization on Muslim Youth"

Download file to see previous pages This way it has only awakened the growth of risk, uncertainty and insecurity particularly for the Muslims of future generations.
From physical assaults and racial profiling to an array of new cultural processes, globalization has created a multicultural environment for our Muslim youth which has opened the doors for our Muslim youth to enter 'war on terrorism'. Such an environment has only developed a richer understanding of race and ethnicity in young lives to see how these relations configure around work, leisure and consumption practices. Global processes so far has supported Muslim youth by escorting them to new technologies which has helped them in finding an easier way to be called 'terrorists'. Muslim youth has also suffered through the current age of migration which has spawned a diverse range of global movement and settlement (Nayak: 4). Moreover, such transformations have changed what we use to call once our 'local rituals' into 'global' ones and has taken the form of 'modernization'.
Many theorists have declared that globalization is now being challenged on two fronts, first by its own internal weaknesses, contradictions, and inequities, and secondly by the response of the Muslim world. There are reasons to it, since Muslim world possess culturally different world-views which are different from what Muslim youth perceives, therefore the real challenge lies not in diversity but in establishing an open society with a genuine plurality of systems and options, and which offers a diversity with unlimited scope for co-operation in the pursuit of shared values and common interests (Dunning: 189).
Young activists or what globalization has highlighted in the context of youth as inadequately formed adults, are the most effected ones as far as the consequences of globalization are concerned. Many scholars have declared globalization as the main subject in focussing largely or explicitly only on adults, and youth are assumed to be less fully formed social actors or subjects less able to exert the agency in the face of globalization that some scholars are, rightly, eager to document.
Theorists mention our youth irrespective of any religion to be engaged in an ongoing process of social and cognitive development, therefore they suggest they have higher responsibilities and acquire more rights as they move into adulthood. However, globalization creates an assumption on behalf of our youth that marks traditional work and citizenship; for example, young citizens are not limited to enjoy global processes to the extent that they have rights (Orozco & Hilliard: 206). In many cases it is seen that such rights are limited while socializing into strict rules or norms of political involvement rather than being considered thinking agents who may express important critiques of citizenship and nationhood. An example of 'globalization' misuse before us is that of extremists to which Muslim youth is escorting, in the name of religion, rather in the name of fundamentalism.
Liberalism or Extremism
Theorist Rawls elaborates that liberalism is a significant aspect in making a visionary world which retains genuine pluralism along with providing a dimension that promotes global political, economic, and cultural humanity with handful opportunities for co-operation, and competition. Unfortunately ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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