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What are the maintrends in and effects of immigration in contemporary Europe - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date What are the main trends and effects of immigration in contemporary Europe Immigration is whereby one has changed his or her habitat to join a new habitat different from the one he or is used to. For one to migrate from one place to another there are factors that lead one to change…
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What are the maintrends in and effects of immigration in contemporary Europe
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"What are the maintrends in and effects of immigration in contemporary Europe"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, a political migrant is one who runs away from his habitat because of conflicts from the government due to war. The person may leave his or her country for a new place to live in peace. These immigrants come from different backgrounds, which have variety of difference in terms of culture and norms. Immigration can have positive or negative impacts on both the country of origin and destination either for political, economic or even social situations. These recipient habitats are usually industrialized habitats it may be countries in Europe or the United states and even any other country, which is developed economically, politically, and security. Immigrants in these countries bring various impacts to the new habitat such as economy, culture, religious and security (Jane 1). One good thing immigration has done for host habitat is economy that involves employment in that they will be willing to do jobs that people in the host habitat will not or cannot do (Ioannis 1). They often work for longer hours and for lower income though that is controversial, sometimes exploitive against human rights but they act as beneficiary to the host habitat. This still happens up to date and even in years to come where many people have migrated and still doing so to develop their countries, and are willing to work so as earn a living in order to survive thus boosts the development and economy of the host habitat (Jane 1). In most cases when the immigrants’ are accepted in the host society and can largely contribute to the diversity of that society in terms of introduction of different cultures and people with talents which brings new ideas in the market of production of goods and offering of services thus contributing to the economic growth. After the European Union session in 2003 which allowed for its expansion, the biggest movement of labor across Europe was witnessed. During the December of 2003 period alone, over 40, 000 passengers flew between UK airports and those in Poland. In duration of five years after that, it became near impossible for one to fly from 20 UK airports to any of the Polish Cities. The number of people in that year moving from Poland to the UK was over 385, 000 (Jane 1). It is worthy pointing out that the origins and choice of destinations for migrants has been found to be differential among countries. Some countries responded to this huge influx of immigrants by restricting access to their labor markets. The tendency for one migrating from countries deemed to be in “new” Europe can be said to be varying significantly. The main focus of this paper will be thoroughly examining the trends, impacts and implications of one migrating from Poland to the UK. Poland has been deemed to be the largest sender country while UK is the receiver due to its particular need for highly skilled labor. This has lead to fear among sender countries of losing their highly skilled people to other nations who offer better opportunities and salaries. The receiving countries have in turn downplayed these fears by claiming that migrant workers are important in filling low skilled labor deficiency. Looking this situation from the European Union perspective, there is plenty of important implication. First and foremost, issues of equal access to employment and the mobility of the highly skilled labor have to be addressed. The second issue if the grave matter of brain waste from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Are the Maintrends in and Effects of Immigration in Contemporary Essay.
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