Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in the Developing World - Research Paper Example

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The present paper looks for estimating the effects of immigration from and migration to Egypt on the life and activities of the people. In addition, the paper also concentrates upon the role played by women in the development of the Egyptian economy…
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Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in the Developing World
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Extract of sample "Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in the Developing World"

Download file to see previous pages The Paper Egypt serves as one of the most influential and prosperous countries of the entire African continent. Her splendid geographical position, magnificent historical background, rich cultural heritage, sound economic structure and imperative political role in the strategic affairs of the region have earned a distinguished and respectable place for her in the international arena. Being a commercial hub and a significant trade junction, people arrive here from all parts of the continent in order to establish their business and get involved into the activities related to trade and commerce on the one hand, and in search of job and employment on the other. The most important aspect of the country is her geographical location, as Egypt is situated at the junction of three continents including Asia, Europe and Africa. At one side, she appears to be the leader of Africa community, and on the other side, Egypt looks engaged in presenting the case of the Middle East problems. Similarly, she also represents the Islamic world at different occasions, which proves her significance as the representative of several most important regional, religious and political communities of the world. It is therefore, the Egyptian people have developed social and commercial ties with the Asian and European traders, corporate firms and companies. “Occupying a focal geographic bridge linking Africa and Asia, contemporary Egypt is the inheritor of a civilization dating back more than 6,000 years. Egypt’s strategic location has made it the object of numerous conquests: by the Ptolemies, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Fatimids, Mamluks, Ottomans, and Napoleon Bonaparte. (Platan & Teal, 2001:1) Though, divergent invaders entered Egypt and subjugated her population by capturing the land, wealth and resources of this ancient civilization, yet the country maintained its identity and distinction as the independent state of the world. It is mistakenly viewed that several ethno-racial groups live in Egypt; however, an overwhelming majority of the masses is Egyptian by race. Egypt has not been famous in history for his magnificent emperors and pharaohs of ancient eras only; rather, the architecture of ancient Egypt also makes it a remarkable society of ancient world. The Egyptian pyramids are included in the Seven Wonders existing on the face of the earth. Besides, her strong economy and established infrastructure have also turned the country an attractive place particularly for the people, belonging to southern, central and western parts of the continent, who arrive Egypt in the same manner as the masses from developed Middle East and Far Eastern countries proceed to Europe in search of superior living standard and career jobs as well. Thus, Egypt is one of the most migrated countries of Africa, where perhaps few countries including South Africa, Nigeria and others surpass her in the area of migration into the country. However, the Egyptians have developed popular trend of immigration to the southern Europe and the Middle East states particularly Brunei and the UAE. Actually, immigration to Egypt has religious background too, where in ancient time Prophet Joseph was forced to migrate as a child by his brothers, who had thrown him into a well. However, the entire House ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in the Developing World" is quite popular among the assignments in college. Still, this example opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own sample.

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