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Migration is the temporary movement of people from one country or region to another while in immigration, people move permanently to settle in a foreign country or region. Migration is triggered by different circumstances; some people move in search of greener pastures, better…
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Research Assignment 2
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Download file to see previous pages As mentioned above, people move from their original homes to a new region either permanently or temporarily. Their decision to either make their new environment home forever or temporary depends on their reasons for fleeing their original inhabitants. For example, those who move to seek refuge due to war may stay for long compared to those who moved in search of a lucrative career opportunity. The war victims are mentally traumatized; hence needs a new environment for a fresh start. Their decision may also be influenced by the level of hospitality of the new region. Communities that are less hostile encourage them to stay permanently while opposite hospitality makes them to continue migrating. Their ability to fit in the culture of their new region may also matter since moving to a region with completely different cultural practices can be frustrating.
Immigration results to intermarriages across cultures. The resulting generation may have slightly different cultures but mainly adopts both cultures or keep the good cultural practices of each parent culture (Weller & Serow, 2013). Immigration and migration have led to globalization as people adapt to cultures across the globe whenever they travel to a new region. Consequently, cultures have become dynamic; they change with time and currently very few communities practice their primordial culture in pure forms.
Religious beliefs are based on supernatural beings and differ across the globe. Religion is a very delicate and sensitive matter such that, any disobedience of religious norms is considered a capital crime and may cost one his or her life. In the past, there have been wars between Christians and Muslims because of disrespect of religious beliefs. If one party’s religion is mishandled and ridiculed, there is bound to be a war. Everyone tends to protect their religion. Religion has a very significant role in social issues in the society. For example, marital stability is attributed to strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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