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This discussion talks about evidence based practice which is a technique that facilitates delivery of health care by integrating best evidence resulting from patient care data and studies with clinical expertise, values and patient preferences using problem-solving approach. …
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Improving your Practice through Research
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Evidence-based practice is a procedure that I believe needs change. Evidence based practice is a technique that facilitates delivery of health care by integrating best evidence resulting from patient care data and studies with clinical expertise, values and patient preferences using problem-solving approach. If this is delivered in an environment of supportive organization culture and care, the maximum quality of excellent patient outcome and care is achieved. The purpose of changing Evidence based practice is to provide nurses with skills and knowledge to implement Evidence-based practice constantly and systematically (Krugman, 2009).
Critical appraisal is the key practice that needs to be implemented to establish the value of the study to practice. Consulting glossary incase of unfamiliar word is an important characteristic of research methodology in handling unfamiliar studies. Researchers in selecting subjects from certain population participating in the study by use of a random strategy, is random sampling. It facilitates fair representation of the overall population since it requires access to a specific population making random sampling unfeasible always. Health care studies are based on convenience sample where participants are recruited from available population. Therefore, Random assignment should be adopted since it is a significant feature in the hierarchy of evidence of higher-level studies (Krugman, 2009).
To implement this change Assessment by nurses on the evidence based practiced team needs to identify clinical problem based on their questions, observation, and experiences in working with patients. Problem identification and evaluation based on the discussions and debates from the team leading to selection of central line topic as the pressing setback affecting the staff nurses oncology. Best available evidence are then analyzed and synthesized and the team should plan to write a statement to guide the proposed clinical change. Finally, the implementation and evaluation by staff nurses should be organized designed and conduct an educational sessions for all the other nurses then integration and maintenance of the unit policy is put in place (Krugman, 2009).
The challenge of Evidenced-based practice is to creating an environment where nurses feel comfortable following evidenced based practice step by step. Learning how to implement Evidence Based practice, analyzing patient data, and discussing the evidences’ strength to determine its sufficiency in making practice change. Three main barriers for successful Evidenced based practice implementation includes; inadequate confidence and skills, low motivation for clinical nurse ,and a strong dislike to change due to comfortably in current practice (Krugman, 2009).
Krugman, M. (2009). Evidence-based practice. Barriers to successful journal club outcomes. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, 25(2), 100–101. Retrieved from: Read More
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