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Global Hunger: moral dilemmas - Essay Example

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This research paper discusses hunger and malnutrition as an issue for human beings in the developed and developing worlds. The problem here cannot be a simple lack of food — rather, the crux of the issue is poor distribution and management of resources…
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Global Hunger: moral dilemmas
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Extract of sample "Global Hunger: moral dilemmas"

Download file to see previous pages This study explores the solutions to world hunger and the moral issues concerning poverty and malnutrition. The right to have access to food is considered “universal”. Whether people are in poverty through their own poor choices, unfair disadvantages created by a vicious political system, or a lack of education, the possibility of working with the impoverished to help them become self-sufficient remains urgent. According to United Nations estimates, 637 million of people suffer from malnutrition, just shy of 10% of the world population. The problem here cannot be a simple lack of food — rather, the crux of the issue is poor distribution and management of resources. One can go to a newsstand and buy Forbes magazine and look at the list of billionaires around the world. It can raise many points and questions: they can buy a whole country, they can donate millions of dollars and their family could still live well for generations. Why do they not solve the problem? Some people say it just can’t be fixed. Therefore it would be a chronic situation, similar to an athlete’s injury. Doctors will tell them to not play until they are totally recovered but they will ignore the advice and that injury will never heal again because the damage is done. Unless they get dramatic surgery, there is nothing to be done. In his article “Global hunger: moral dilemmas,” author Nigel Dower offers three propositions to explain the necessity of wealthy people’s involvement in the fight against global hunger. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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