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Language Translation - Essay Example

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This essay unfolds important changes that have taken place amongst languages of different origins. Several variations account for the difficulties faced by translators such as changes in the meaning and pronunciation of words, forms of expression of language that have become quite unnatural, change in spellings and grammar, structural problems in the source text and misunderstanding of figurative speech used in the language…
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Language Translation
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Download file to see previous pages Most of the Americans are known to speak English only, but they do keep knowledge of more than one dialect. All languages are incessantly undergoing a mode of change as we see the rise of globalization. The development of a standard language has been followed by diverse factors. Standard language can be defined as a language that calls for the use of permitted grammar and pronunciation.
Our everyday language digresses from the standard language that results into a variation in the meaning and pronunciation of words. The Standard English of England is said to be derived from London English. A person is called cultivated and polite, in the United States, when he employs the use of Standard English in his language. Variation in language gives birth to expressions that are ungrammatical and substandard in nature and substance. A vocabulary change results into slang terms that keep getting worse every now and then (Eckert, 2000).
Variation in language causes communication breakdown when sounds change. A person with an East Coast accent might get 'socks' upon asking for 'sacks' from a Chicago store. Variation becomes inevitable when change in language occurs. Language translation can be defined as a procedure in which two kinds of languages are involved. A source language which is provided as material that needs to surpass a communication barrier so as to be made understandable and therefore rewritten in a target language (Munday, 2001).

The translation process is carried out by a professional translator. She/he is preferably a native speaker of the language that is required. After the completion of this task, the translator forwards the translated documents to an editor. The editor's job is to go through the documents thoroughly and check its content for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and the accuracy in the accent. The editor also holds the right to offer any suggestions; whether any changes are necessary and need to be made so that the document could become easier to read and understand. Then these documents need to be passed on for proof-reading and a process of consistent formatting (Rissamen, 1992).

An ideal translation should be: Accurate, Natural and Communicative. The accuracy of a translation is meant by its ability to deliver, as closely as possible, the exact meaning that is lying in the source text. The change in language of the text should not be a hurdle for the message that is there and is waiting to be forwarded. The forms of expressions in the receptor language should be naturalistic and original in a very appropriate manner which is suitable to the type of text being translated (Holes, 1987). Lastly and most importantly, the translation should be communicative and articulate enough. It is meant to cover all the aspects of the meanings and convey the correct message that is hidden inside the text. The intended audience should not come across with any difficulty in understanding it.

The people of the United States speak the language that is called American English. In England and the British Empire, British English is the language spoken by the native population. The Americans and British communicate with each other quite easily, on general ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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