Research methods: Choose a particular (linguistic, textual, translational) feature andCompare different synchronic translations into one language from the same source text: - Essay Example

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A number of translated versions of the novel exist in English. These translations have been influenced both synchronically and diachronically. The diachronic translations…
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Research methods: Choose a particular (linguistic, textual, translational) feature andCompare different synchronic translations into one language from the same source text:
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Extract of sample "Research methods: Choose a particular (linguistic, textual, translational) feature andCompare different synchronic translations into one language from the same source text:"

Download file to see previous pages ural plethora of these two periods is reflected greatly in the translations of Constance Garnett (1901), Rosemary Edmonds (1954) and Larissa Volokhonsky & Richard Peaver. (2000) But the theoretical trends are often influenced by the translators’ personal stances. Whereas Rosemary Edmund’s approach appears to be a fairly reader-oriented approach, Constance Garnett and Larissa Volokhonsky & Richard Peaver have showed an author oriented approach to the Source Text to different extents.
In English, there are a number of translated versions of the novel, Anna Karenina. These versions often differ from each other in various fashions i.e. how they cope with the issues like equivalence to the original text and the perception of the target readers. Indeed the translation of the source text, Anna Karenina poses a great challenge for the translators not only because the Russian language possesses a set of alien patterns of expressions, but also because it deals with the author’s philosophical and psychological exploration expressed in the unique socio-cultural linguistic traits of the Russian language that is, at the same time, intertwined with the author’s writing style (Nabokov, 1981). Therefore, the challenge is whether the translated version conveys the true intention and philosophical connotations of the author of the source text even after being domesticated in the target language. However, as far as the true intention of the author of the source text and the perception of the readers of the target language are taken into concern, a set of complexities grow. These complexities originate not only from the novelty of the culture that the author deals in his novel also from the fact that the language is a socially embedded phenomenon possessing some unique patterns and structures of expressions that are closely intertwined with the socio-cultural features of a particular geographical area. Hence, the socio-cultural issues that are embedded within the patterns of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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