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Is gender a neglected topic within child social care If so, why might this be, and what might be done to address this neglect - Essay Example

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Is gender a neglected topic within child social care? Introduction Children’s social care has been a topic of intense debate in all developed countries for quite some time now, and the United Kingdom is no exception. The introduction of ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ was a milestone in this regard because it resulted in the development of various departments which specialised on various services and responsibilities which were earlier performed by local social service departments…
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Is gender a neglected topic within child social care If so, why might this be, and what might be done to address this neglect
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Download file to see previous pages This work intends to search for the possible reasons behind this negligence and aims to suggest some solutions. The first and foremost reason for this neglect seems to lie in lack of knowledge. In other words, many people still remain unaware of the fact that gender has a serious impact on the lives of children. To illustrate, the National Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Children report (n.d.) shows that female children face more maltreatment than male children. The maltreatments reported range from severe physical, contact sexual abuse, and severe maltreatment by a parent or guardian. In all these cases, the percentage of girls is higher than that of boys (NSPCC. n.d.). However the problem in the assessment so far is that very few studies were conducted in this connection in the UK and most of the studies reported were conducted in the U.S. ...
As already seen in studies, there is difference between males and females in the extent of violence, exploitation and abuse faced by boys and girls. If the authorities cannot understand these differences, they will not be able to introduce sufficient strategies to strengthen government initiatives, introduce better legislation, and encourage better practices. A look into the Munro Review of Child protection will prove this situation. The report suggests the following as the features of an effective child protection system. Firstly, it should be fully child-centered and secondly, there should be a variety of responses for children because different children have different needs and circumstances (Munro, 2011). Admittedly, the same should be applied when social care programmes are developed for children. It is an accepted fact that girls are more at risk as compared to boys. So, it becomes highly necessary to set up special programmes wholly aimed at the welfare of females. However, it is painful to see that initiatives like ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ do not introduce even a single initiative which specifically addresses the issues faced by girls. The reason for this pathetic situation can be the fact that very few comprehensive studies have been conducted about the difference between boys and girls in the kind of problems they face in childhood. So, various social organisations and governmental agencies are equally in confusion as to what strategies work better for girls and what for boys. In the opinion of De Bellis, this is so because conducting studies on such an issue is a complex task. First of all, if studies are conducted among children, many children are afraid of disclosing the problems they face as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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