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Is Advertising a Barrier to Male Movement toward Gender Change - Coursework Example

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In the paper “Is Advertising a Barrier to Male Movement toward Gender Change” the author discusses gender as one of the major discriminations of the world, which helps in developing the different notions of the society. The same notions could be developed from the book written by Sheryl Sandberg…
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Is Advertising a Barrier to Male Movement toward Gender Change
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Extract of sample "Is Advertising a Barrier to Male Movement toward Gender Change"

Download file to see previous pages Recently, while watching a TV daily, I have come across an advertisement that details about a perfume. Specifications, detailing that a perfume is for female or male has become quite prominent in the context of promoting the brand. The advertisement was appealing for men as usual so long as women are used as props for developing the quality of the advertisement. The advertisement, as I presume to be prompting men to use a particular product and restricting the women to conduct the same. The advertisement clearly captioned that the particular perfume that was being introduced in the market was solely meant for men and not for women (Bettany, Dobscha, O’Malley and Prothero 3-5).
It is often noted that people are more interested in the body languages of other people, as it prompts them to decide about the probable mode of action or the needs of justification for an action they want to continue. Body languages even help in depicting the level of participation that is reflected through the movement of body parts as well as postures for standing and sitting. Furthermore, non-verbal communication is often assisted by the use of body postures that play an important role in developing various interpretations about the communicator. Additionally, the perceptions of people about another individual often get developed based on their respective body languages.
Even in the 21st century, when people comment on providing equal rights for both men and women, women still fail to obtain equal standards to that of men depending on the patriarchy system that is apparently evident at the various social levels. Specifically, gender discriminations are not apparent within the social standards but are somehow still in practices. To be mentioned, the age-old dogmatic social system has been playing a crucial role in framing the mental state of society to have separate perceptions for men and women based on their gender roles.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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