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Persuasion Name: Institution: Persuasion Public opinion on matters relating to all aspects of everyday life is greatly influenced by the media. Apart from passing its intended message, the objective of the media in persuading the audience to believe in the content or do as it influences them always seems to carry more significance (Chomsky & Herman, 2002)…
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Download file to see previous pages However, these influences are often effective because the audience is bombarded with more information than it can handle and end up making generalizations. In explaining how the media influences the public, this paper will describe how a political campaign was televised and also aired in movie advertisements to win votes for a person seeking reelection. It will also highlight why the persuasion was not effective on me. Commercial advertisements are among the most persuasive contents in the media. The concept behind them is that a predetermined situation must develop from a preliminary influencing activity in comparison to other similar processes. Although potential negative results are predicted, counter-responses are also planned for them. Through the notion of “social proof”, individuals generally tend to look upon others that they consider comparable to themselves in decision-making (Cialdini, 2009). This notion explains how peer influence works. To this end, advertisers usually provide untrue depictions in staged interviews or commercials of what people in a particular age group are doing and find trendy. In the same way, a politician seeking reelection will only have his positive attributes aired during a campaign while promising to achieve what their opponent did not. Biased media coverage is also used to make people automatically agree to what they are told without a second thought, which is always the simpler decision to make. Among the persuasion techniques used in such campaigns were association, bandwagon, intensity and repetition. Association is also highlighted by the idea of “liking”, where an audience is persuaded to link people with others they already know and like in the perspective of success, fun or beauty (Cialdini, 2009). When the politician tried to convince the constituents to vote for him, the idea quickly created a bandwagon effect after most saw interviews on television that implied everyone was happy with him. He took advantage of being well known in the society to persuade people and propagate his influence. This is an effective strategy because once an idea takes root in a target audience, no one really wants to be left out. Repetition of advertisements and constant persuasions produced an attribute of commitment and consistency among the voters, most of who were of the same age group as the candidate. After showing their initial liking for him and committing to vote him back in the previous election, most were willing to show a consistency in order to justify their commitment. Repetitive persuasion follows that media owners understand that people are convinced by what they see advertised on television, movies, the internet and video games, especially those that the media emphasizes are acceptable and fashionable to society (Chomsky & Herman, 2002). However, even with their open knowledge that the politician did not deliver on his promises from the last campaign, the audience is still convinced by the depictions of authority in which the media presents to them. The media is aware that most audiences have respect for authority and want to be associated with those deemed to be real experts in impressive clothing, expensive vehicles and business titles. When the media gives an appearance of authority, the probability that the audience will abide by requests are actually increased, even if it is illegitimate authority (Chomsky & Herm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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