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The paper "Conference Summary - the Power of Persuasion" discusses that Mr Berkowitz emphasized that being hardworking, as well as and displaying the highest level of professionalism is essential for one to succeed, especially if that person wants to set up his or her own company in the future…
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Conference Summary - the Power of Persuasion
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Last April 18, the researcher attended a seminar wherein the main speaker, Mr Bob Berkowitz of The Dilenschneider Group based in New York City talked about “The Power of Persuasion.” Based from the researcher’s understanding of Mr Berkowitz’s speech, it mainly focused on two ideas: on how can students communicate with people in their job after they graduated, and on how can one open his or her own business in the future. In this case, Mr Berkowitz actually emphasized the fact that it is very important for graduates to be persuasive in communicating with other people, especially when they are already working in their chosen professions. By being persuasive, Mr Berkowitz stated that one can be able to lead others and even influence others’ perceptions and beliefs. Therefore, when one is communicating persuasively, especially in the workplace, success is always within reach: being persuasive makes one earn the trusts and the confidence of their employers, their co-workers, and even with the industry leaders where they are practising their respective professions.  Read More
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