Rhetorical Differences between Male and Female Politicians - Assignment Example

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Analysis of the political speeches does not occur in a space. Information is shown in two levels according to chapter five of Thomas and Wilcox text. The initial level is the actual implication of words in English and the second being the political meaning evoked by the orator while giving out the speech…
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Rhetorical Differences between Male and Female Politicians
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Rhetorical Differences between Male and Female Politicians Background Analysis of the political speeches does not occur in a space. Information is shown in two levels according to chapter five of Thomas and Wilcox text. The initial level is the actual implication of words in English and the second being the political meaning evoked by the orator while giving out the speech (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
Feminine language has been depicted to be persuasive and brings people together while masculine expression appears to be harsh and commanding but instrumental to fit in the field of politics (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
Considering the speech given by Hillary Clinton about Women’s Right, she brought out subtle rhetoric language; she talks in pieces making the points flow. She advocates for equal rights by explaining the fact that women should be given equal opportunities in leadership which currently does not happen in China (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
One obvious methodology applied by her in the speech is anaphora. Considering the following phrase “It is a violation of human rights when” Repeatedly to drive the point home (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
There was the use of imagery in her speech when she said that human right is violated, and women specifically are on fire.” One thing she said as a summary of the speech was that humans right should never touched with, and women’s right are humans right too (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
J.F.Kennedys statement is more anchored in power when he said the energy put together with devotion would light the nation and its servants. He challenges citizens to look for opportunities that result in development. They should not wait to be served instead seek on how to promote the status quo (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
Rhetorical Differences
The analysis of the speeches shows that there seems to be a difference in the manner in which they play their roles in the society. The girl child appears to get necessary knowledge at an early age to avoid forceful and harsh tone that they keep at heart until their later stage of adulthood. The result of the development of what is called women language depicted to be weaker (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
From the men’s speech, they consider themselves to be individual and in depended thereby the use of language is directed to remain at the top. Women, on the other hand, perceive nature to be interconnected, and there is no such hierarchy or order. They are not after gaining status in politics but to bring a change to the society (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96)
The statement brought by lady touches on gender issues where she has spoken at length on matters close to the heart including unemployment. The other speech by the man was moving more on the development and passing out blames on the current stagnation (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
Most of the arguments for the speech of the man is addressing on leadership and lacked connectivity with the people. Many challenges of the women who try to delink themselves from blame games from within the political parties. The speech has an affirmative tone to the end as compared to the man’s tone that was commanding (Thomas & Wilcox pp.80-96).
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