The Emergence of a Superpower - Essay Example

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In order to achieve this, he increased the exploration of the ideals and values of Americans that would in turn have an ennobling influence in the world (Oakes 75). Roosevelt’s diplomatic maxim…
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The Emergence of a Superpower
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Emergence of a Superpower Theodore Roosevelt wanted to increase the power, prestige, and influence abroad. In order toachieve this, he increased the exploration of the ideals and values of Americans that would in turn have an ennobling influence in the world (Oakes 75). Roosevelt’s diplomatic maxim was to speak kindly or softly by maintaining the power of persuasion. Whenever there was need to use force in order to achieve what he wanted for the Americans, Roosevelt was willing to do. In his attempt to increase the influence of the U.S abroad, he strengthened his defense team to avoid confrontation with enemies who might want to attack them. He ended U.S isolationism policy by acting aggressively in foreign matters without even the consent or support of the congress (Oakes 89). Roosevelt also developed a powerful and large navy that was significant to the U.S defense since it served as strong restraint to American foes.
Woodrow Wilson as the president of the U.S abandoned the imperialist policy implemented by Theodore Roosevelt and came up with a new means of America dealing with other nations. Despite the fact that he believed that it was the duty of America to change the world, he believed that everybody in the globe had the right to self determination in that they were to decide on the type of government they wanted (Oakes 148). In order to increase U.S influence abroad, Wilson aimed to protect democracy. For instance, Wilson was forced to invade Nicaragua in order to assist the rebels who had ousted a totalitarian regime.
Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policy was overshadowing domestic or local policy because he was more concerned about what was happening in Europe. After refusing to support stabilization of global currency in 1933, he stabilized the dollar in 1934 and started to assist Great Britain and France to stabilize their currencies and keep them from totalitarian nations (Oakes 96). Just like Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt believed that U.S had to develop strong army in order to quarantine aggressive nations such as Germany and Japan. In order, he developed the good neighbor policy, which was a re-examination of the U.S policy in Latin America. During Franklin Roosevelt’s term as president, Latin America was the U.S area of interest, thus, it was significant to make American presence felt in the area (Oakes 171).
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Oakes, James. Of The People, Vol II. Oxford: Oxford university press, 2011. Print. Read More
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The Emergence of a Superpower Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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