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United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East - Essay Example

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United States Foreign Policy refers to the actions of the United States of America government regarding the security of American citizens living o foreign land. The United States government ensures that its citizens are safe to protect the security and protection of the citizens…
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United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East
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Download file to see previous pages The two parties share decision making concerning making of the foreign policy.
The council of foreign policy in the Middle East provides an analysis of the political, economic, and social development in the Middle East. The issue the policy addresses is that the main aim of the policy is to fight terrorism in the region. Terrorism is a major threat in the world and most of the European superpowers are joining the United States. Chaos in the Middle East affects many countries in the world because of the history of the region. Chaos influences around living abroad to act depending on the actions in the area. The policy addresses the roles the president and the Senate play in the definition of the foreign policy. The president has the role of appointing ambassadors while the Senate has the role of funding the army and declaring war. The president is the commander in chief of the country appoints key political heads and military officials, but the Congress must agree to the appointments of the president.
America has had economic interests in the Middle East majorly because of the resources at their disposal. The Middle East has oil deposits that they export to fund the region. The United States used colonialism to guide their foreign policies. America had interests in the Middle for most of the 21st century. It manages to make itself an important player in the region by making use of its diplomatic, economic, and military strength to support its interest. In the Revolutionary war, John Adams outlined the plan for the foreign policy in America. In 1919, the efforts of President Woodrow led to the formation of League of Nations. The League of Nations gave out directives that led to the formation of colonial boundaries in the Middle East region. The civil wars in the Middle East led to the involvement of the United States of America. America surpassed Britain as the major superpower after the Second World War.
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