Foreign Policy and the Middle East - Essay Example

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The current Middle East policy on United States is one of the most controversial issues in its political circles and this is essentially because of the different approaches proposed by the two main political parties. The Republicans are of the opinion that the country should…
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Foreign Policy and the Middle East
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Download file to see previous pages ng a permanent American force to remain in the country in so that it could maintain order and secure the gains that many American servicemen had died for. Furthermore, Republicans believe that in matters concerning conflicts in the Middle East, such as the ongoing Syrian civil war, it is essential for the United States to become actively involved in the overthrow of the Assad regime and replacing it with one which favors America. These policies are a direct opposite of those which the Democrats stand for, with the latter preferring a more subtle American approach to foreign policy where diplomacy is given precedence (Mostofi 227). The withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East is a step towards reducing the risk posed to the country. Furthermore, through the use of drone technology, it has become possible to fight terrorists without having to bring in troops to combat them. Therefore, according to the Democrats, American role in the Middle East should be limited to partnerships with its allies rather than on direct intervention in internal affairs of the countries in the region.
Withdrawal of forces from the Middle East by the Obama administration is a move designed to ensure that the country remains safer. It is certain that United States spent billions of dollars and lost many servicemen in the Middle East for the purpose of keeping their country safe. While this was the case, the Middle Eastern situation, especially in Iraq, instead of improving, became even worse ("Obama Commits to Troop Withdrawal from Iraq by 2011" 4). This was essentially because the American backed government became the oppressors of the minority Sunni population in Iraq and this created an environment ripe for sectarian violence. This forms of violence continued for years, this despite the presence of American troops. Therefore, the security of the nation was not helped in any way by the presence of troops in Iraq, hence justifications for the withdrawal. In addition, public ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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