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Global Migration - Essay Example

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Please chose one of the questions below in the order instruction box Introduction: Social Transformation in global migration Migration can be defined as a process through which the humans move from one place to another or from one country to another as international shift in their place of habitat…
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Global Migration
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Download file to see previous pages The reasons for the movement of people for one country to another may be due to the search of livelihood, political disturbance and hostile living conditions in the home country, natural calamities, etc. The perspective towards migration puts forward an impression of a dominant problem due to the complexities involved in the process, variability, interconnectedness and the mediations and interventions involves in this process of global change. The migration phenomenon is kept isolated from the broader relationships of the society which increase the complexity of that process of global change. The scope of social transformation in the context of migration is very high. This could be realised through the generalisation of migration process with the activities of contemporary society. The transfer of people from one country to another transforms the social, economic, cultural perspective of the society which could be understood with the help of an open discussion on the prospects of social transformation in migration. Pattern of global migration The patterns of global migration vary from time to time according to the development of the international politics, economy and shift in international power between various countries. The activities of migration may be voluntary as well as involuntary. ...
The other form of migration is involuntary in which the people of a country are force to leave their land in search of another due to the political disturbances, hostile living conditions, natural calamities, wars, etc. In such cases, the possibility of conflict between the indigenous people and the immigrants are much higher as they are treated as external to the country. The entry of new culture, beliefs, ideologies and knowledge creates the path of social transformation in those countries. Social transformation perspective in migration The social transformation perspective in the process of migration provided strong support to the mobility of human races across international boundaries that bring about changes in the social, economic, political and technological environment in the economies of various countries all over the world. This in turn fosters the process of globalization and provides benefits to the immigrants as well as the indigenous people. The trend of global changes due to the migration of people from one country to another could be explained from the perspective of social transformation in the field of migration. The social transformation is, therefore, viewed as the way in which the societies undergo a shift from their existing trend of social, political, economic and technological path due to the inflow of immigrants and the exchange of foreign resources with the indigenous people. The existing ways of life in the social, economic, political, religious, cultural domain are being questioned and discussed in order to find answers that could lead to the overall development of the country. The social transformation endorses the factors of changes in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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