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Develop an Analzsis of How Theory and Method Interrelate in Social Science - Assignment Example

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Development of an analysis of how theory and method interrelate in Social Science The theoretical research focuses on finding references that affirm or reject the thesis statement. The research centers on the methodological and theoretical methodology to affirm the thesis statement…
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Develop an Analzsis of How Theory and Method Interrelate in Social Science
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Download file to see previous pages The first method is the use of primary evidence. The second method is to use secondary evidence. The researcher uses the secondary evidence method to affirm or reject the thesis statement. Further, the research uses the theoretical approaches to affirm or reject the thesis statement. The theories include gathering of journal articles that focus on the hiring of foreign workers in the United Kingdom. In addition, the research uses other references to explain the sociological reasons for the popularity of the United Kingdom hiring foreign workers. Theoretically, the researcher found the William Skidmore (1979, p. 1) research theorised sociological theory emphasises the study of the origins and nature society. Sociology entails focusing on the extent of human rationality. Sociology also centers on the growth and effects of industrialism on the members of the average society. Likewise, sociology ventures into the social statics and eventual change factors affecting everyone. Sociology also tends to determine the relationship between the average individual and the community. Sociology uses the scientific method to determine how and why human beings act or avoid certain acts. In another research, the researcher found the author theorises that some United Kingdom companies illegally hire child workers (Hobbs, 2009, p. 176). A survey was conducted among 700 United Kingdom year 10 school students. The focus of the questionnaire was their current or prior working experiences. Year 11 students answered another survey questionnaire set. From the selected students, 55 working students were selected for interview. The researcher used the Job Risk Card Sort. Answering the survey questionnaire, the research indicated 45 percent of the working students figured in a work accident. During the oral interview, 80 percent of the working students admitted they met an accident during their work responsibilities. The increase was based on the researcher’s explaining the criteria for accidents. Further, the researcher observed Kenneth Allan (2010, p. 9) insisted on the theory that the study of society has many benefits. The researcher also found John Rex (1973, p.87) research. The Rex research reiterated the theory that the advent of information technology, urbanisation is characterised as extensively documented. There are influential generalisations to urbanised society. The African or Asian community will indicate glaring differences from the European or American society’s cultural upbringings. The typical American town has been transformed to one nation’s culture. There is a constant erosion of the typical isolated community’s culture. The sociologists study the effects of foreign culture over the local sleepy town. In terms of research methodology the researcher observed that Anna Paraskevopoulou (2011, p.110) research used the both primary and secondary reources to affirm or negate the research hypothesis. Paraskevopoulou discusses the family migration data fathered from the undocumented worker transitions (UWT) European Union, including the United Kingdom. The researcher used personal interviews to gather primary data. There were 211 worker families interviewed in February 2009. The research findings indicate family decisions paved the way for worker families from seven European Union nations, including the United Kingdom, to migrate to the European Union states. The personal intervie ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Develop an Analzsis of How Theory and Method Interrelate in Social Assignment.
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