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The reasons for the increase in migration within and into the European Union since the 1990s - Essay Example

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From the 1990s there has been a heightened migration of people into and within the European Union due to some reasons. This essay examines the reasons for increased migration within and into the European Union since the 1990s…
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The reasons for the increase in migration within and into the European Union since the 1990s
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Extract of sample "The reasons for the increase in migration within and into the European Union since the 1990s"

Download file to see previous pages Migration into the European Union peaked in the early 1990s when people started moving within the EU zone states in search of employment and other reasons (Jordan, 2006). Earlier, after the Second World War, European Union enjoyed a dramatic economic growth, and this made most nations in the European Union zone to receive high populations of immigrants from other EU countries (Economist, 2009). Moreover, migration within the European Union was highly encouraged by the Schengen agreement of the 1985 (Mardell, 2006; Salt, 2007). The agreement allowed free movement and travel of people within Europe by citizens of its member states, and it made it possible for citizens of the European member states together with their families to live and work anywhere in addition to the rights granted by the EU citizenship. However, citizens of non-EU states or non-EEA states can not enjoy the freedom and rights of free movement unless they apply for EU long term residence permit nor are family members of EU citizens (Mardell, 2006; Economist, 2009). Therefore, if a member has a valid residence permit of Schengen state, he or she is allowed unlimited rights to travel within the Schengen areas for three months but only for tourist reasons. This window has encouraged many immigrants and emigrants within European Union and especially within the Schengen zone. Migration and Social Transformation [Employment opportunities] In the 1990s, majority of immigrants, especially in Western Europe traced their origin to the former “eastern block states” such as Greece, Italy, Portugal, UK and Spain (Berthoud & Iacovou, 2002). The language, the geography and culture of the people from these regions play greater roles in the reasons for their migration...
The migration into and within European Union has been highly attributed to globalisation. With unrestricted movement and cooperation within the 27 states that make the European Union, people have been migrating within and into the EU in search of global presence. Given that the world was warring in the late 1990s with most countries experiencing advance regimes of dictatorship, migration into the European Union was rampant. This was highly done by people who already had families in the European Union zones. With the freedom of movement in the EU zone, this became one of the reasons of movement of people into the European Union. The other reason that makes people to migrate is search of better lives as skilled, non-skilled workers. Some scholars have argued that the increased migration into the European Union since 1990s presents a case of growing global inequalities between developed and developing countries. These inequalities can range from economic, democratic, political, and social inequalities among others. Migration in the wake of globalisation can be noted using the recent estimates of the EU population. For example, by 2011 over 500 million people lived within the European Union. According to the Eurostat, out of this population only a fifth was the population of the combined 27 EU member states. As the world becomes a global village, people are aware of places where they can grow their career and establish comfortable living. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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