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Race, Class and Gender - Essay Example

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Effects of political Underrepresentation of Minority Groups Name Institution Effects of political Underrepresentation of Minority Groups Introduction Political representation refers to the involvement of representatives of certain groups in the society in politics…
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Race, Class and Gender
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Download file to see previous pages The representatives pass bills that favor the societies that they represent so that they can be recognized and favored during elections. This indicates that under-representation of a certain group in the government leads to neglecting of laws that favor the group. Women representatives in politics are often fewer than men in almost all countries in the world. This under-representation of women leads to neglect of laws that favor females in the society. The effects of the under representation include poor health resources and increase of abortion. Under-representation of minority groups and women in politics may lead to undesirable consequences, which may affect the growth of the nation, if the intervention of lobby groups fails. Effects of under-representation of Women Women need more attention than men because they are more vulnerable to poor health and living conditions. Pregnancy and birth are the major health issues that affect women in the society (Miller, 2013). Children are also involved in the pregnancy issue because they are a product of the birth process. This means that the care that women receive during pregnancy also affects the health of children. Women who lack proper care during pregnancy may give birth to retarded children who may die in the early stages of life. Women may also die during the process of giving birth if they do not receive efficient care. Health laws may prevent these cases if they are implemented efficiently, but since women are underrepresented in politics, the laws are not implemented. This leads to the death of children and their mothers (Miller, 2013). The children and women who survive the birth process live with poor health conditions, which affect their growth. Some women turn to abortion to get rid of their unborn babies when they discover that they may not bring up the children efficiently. The increase of such cases deteriorates the national health, and this decreases the growth rate of a country. Effects of Underrepresentation on Other Minority Groups The other minority groups include the disabled, people of color, and homosexual association of men and women. The underrepresentation of homosexuals leads to the discrimination of the group in the society (Carner, 2012). The discrimination of the homosexuals affects their emotions and self esteem. Members of the group segregate themselves from other people in the society as a result of the discrimination. This also happens when people of color such as Africans, Indians, and Asians living in America are underrepresented in politics. The disabled people in the society need a lot of care to help them overcome their incapability. These people need to be recognized in the society so that their self-esteem may be high, and to help them realize that disability is not inability. The representation of the disabled in politics also leads to better health care facilities for the group. Under representation of the disabled leads to segregation, low esteem, and poor health conditions (Carnes, 2012). The effects of the under representation of women and other minority groups indicate that there is a need for intervention. The intervention would prevent or reduce the undesirable consequences, and it would increase the economic growth of the country. Lobby Groups Intervention Lobby groups refer to the organizations that support the interest of others and help them to achieve desirable conditions. Lobby groups, in this case, would be individuals and organizations that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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