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In what ways is gender significant in the social production of health and illness - Essay Example

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Gender: Foundation of Inequality in Health Name Instructor Date A healthy body is an important aspect in human life which largely depends on the healthy functioning of the body, mind, and spirit. A surrounding in which someone lives plays a vital role in influencing the individual’s health and body…
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In what ways is gender significant in the social production of health and illness
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Download file to see previous pages In this respect, this essay will examine the significance of gender in the social production of health and illness. Because of the significance of health and illness, it is apparent that gender is a vital issue as far as healthy living is concerned. It is unfortunate that the issue of male domination is taken into consideration in the way males and females are treated because sometimes the female gender gets more attention in the social production sector. Issues of health and illness should be addressed equally for both the male and female gender to achieve optimum health (Annandale, 2009). To this effect, gender inequality has been in existence since ancient times whereby the female sex has over the years experienced suppression in various ways. It is therefore not strange to experience a similar trend of gender disparity in health sector. Matters of inequalities have led to the rise of numerous movements, which up to date have not provided the appropriate solution, even though social circumstances deeply affect women’s health more than they do men’s health. Perhaps if women could be treated equally when it comes to health matters, then there would be a wonderful improvement in their health status (Murphy & Bennet, 2004). It is apparent that the low status of women within the society has even deprived them of their economic capability and seen them falling victims to gender differences in health issues. Women usually engage in low-paid activities that disenable them from acquiring or assuming important social status. However, while discussing the issue of gender, it is vital to understand the difference between sex as defined in biology and gender as universally understood by society. Sex is merely a biological term that does not have much influence when it comes to provision of health, but gender is the way in which society terms the sex role of an individual in the society (Bywaters, McLeod & Napier, 2009). There are a number of challenges encountered while addressing gender disparities. It is undeniable that sociologists and feminists have not been able to define the degree of equality or even inequality expected of a society. Additionally, there exists a problem of the extent to which equality should be addressed in various places such as family and workplace to leave everyone satisfied and offer a lasting solution to gender differences in healthcare (Harthorn & Oaks, 2003). Generally, not much is known regarding the way in which social order can be turned to fit the maximum requirements that can solve the gender equality in the health care services. Nevertheless, this should not be regarded as an excuse for disenfranchising the male gender because health and illness are directly linked with social order and should therefore be addressed aptly to bring social order. It is irrefutable that gender roles exist because of social order and system. There is a need to understand the full meaning of gender due to its influence on health and illness (Svallfors, 2007). Social construction of diagnosis, as well as illness, is a vital thing in establishing the underlying factors in medical sociology because human appreciation of and acts towards health are dependent on social forces. Any issue related to disease is understood in accordance with the different social issues found in the society. It is also evident that there is a greater link between female health and financial capabilities. This has further ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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