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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Socio LAST Essay 1: Analytical Autobiography Before I was introduced to a sociology class, there were different things that affected me in terms of my understanding of the phenomena as dictated by my gender, class and an and race…
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Socio LAST
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Download file to see previous pages Through my learning in sociology, I understood the issues of cultural relativism in which the things that were important to me and my culture did not have to apply in other culture. This aspect of learning helped me to interact with different people in Australia and America during the course of my education. In my life in different situations, I felt alienated because experience culture shock whenever I moved to different places to continue with my education which I had started in Korea. For example, when I went to study in Australia for two years, I had to learn their culture and when I went to America for my high school, I experienced different racial issues from those I had experienced in Australia and my Korean culture. Through the sociological concepts I had learnt, I was able to relate with different people that I met in the course of my education so that I was able to accept the different people the way they were. As a traditional Korean, which my parents wished for me, I had learnt some gender roles, which I discovered were different from those of the people in both America and Australia. The impact of gender relations that I had in Korea and those that I had when in Australian and America were different and this would mean that I will need to learn the ways through which people of the different genders in America and Australia behave so that I can be relevant to the society. On the other hand, I would need to understand the class differences and relations that exist between different people in different culture. This is important because different things in the culture of the people determine different classes but they are not necessarily the same in all cultures around the world. While there classes are widely determined by the money as in capitalist countries, there are other determinants of classes in other countries and therefore, after learning the sociological perspectives, I would be able to determine the different factors that matter to different people. Essay 2: Marxist Perspective In different parts of the world, there are different things that influence the lives of people and the issues of their social and economic lives and this influence their behaviors in different situations. In America, the issues of college loan debts continues to be dominant considering the facts that the number of people who lack employment and those who get underemployed have continued to rise. For people to obtain high paying jobs, people have to get high credentials for them to remain competitive in the labor market and secure the rare few opportunities. In an attempt to secure job opportunities, not all those who have high qualifications may benefit and therefore, they result to opportunities that have low financial rewards. This constrains them until they are unable to have enough for their needs and that with which they can pay their students loans and hence, the rise of the students’ loans debts is because of the unemployment and underemployment that is on rise in America (Ayres, par 4-9). In the many societies, higher education contribute to the rise of people in terms of economic and social classifications and therefore they get privileges that other people who have not gone through it cannot access. Most people who get high education opportunities have increase their competitiveness in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Socio LAST Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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