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The Primary Mission of Colleges and Universities is Preparing Students for the Workforce - Essay Example

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This paper stresses that higher education is a platform that provides complementary skills alongside the primary role of career nurturing. There is a contemporary debate on what should entail the primary focus of college and university education. The question as to what should be the greatest objective of higher education forms the central concern in the discussion. …
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The Primary Mission of Colleges and Universities is Preparing Students for the Workforce
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Extract of sample "The Primary Mission of Colleges and Universities is Preparing Students for the Workforce"

Download file to see previous pages In the contemporary systems of education, it is incontrovertible that college education has a major aim of preparing students for the workforce. The most certain role of college education in the apparent system is to anchor their professional specialization. It is observable that most students nurture the outstanding motivation of achieving success after graduation and settling in their areas of specialization. Critics cite the necessity to reform the education system to fit other needs of the society by providing complementary life skills. Graduates from colleges serve a commendable population of people including critical concerns as health. Most graduates from colleges have the mandate to help solve or revert serious challenges in the world as the economic crisis. Issues as climate change also need the attention of graduates from colleges and universities. College and university education, therefore, has critical and central contribution in addressing the various concerns of the world. The value of education provided to college students determines their competence level. It also determines how they address the various concerns facing the world. The extensive nature of the application and importance of professions that college students specialize in renders it prudent to ensure quality education. The role of complementary life skills in enhancing the productivity of college students in their areas of specialization is appreciable. There is the necessity for college students to engage in innovative ideas to boost their productivity as part of the workforce. College education, therefore, should enhance the integration of contemporary life skills to improve the quality service provided by the workforce. The competence of...
This essay approves that i is admissible that college education contributes immensely towards the provision of life solutions. Intensive training that is interdisciplinary, and driven towards meeting the demands of the world population is instrumental in solving life challenges. Colleges provide education that holds the dedication towards preparing students to take up the challenge of satisfying the demands of the world population. Higher education, therefore, is necessary in driving novel solutions for the society by preparing students to nurture skills that would offer resolutions to upcoming challenges to the world. In achieving the diverse goals of education provided to college students, novelty is of extensive importance.
This report makes a conclusion that most institutions of higher learning are effective in their contribution towards preparing students through approaches that put emphasis on high performance. There are diverse programs that aim to regulate and assess the effectiveness of college and university education in most countries, today. It is convincing that college education satisfies the needs of students to nurture that demands of their professions and practicality of life. Criticisms towards the success of college education are equally important and need attention. They present challenges to the system that highlight the obligation to improve on college education systems towards attaining a productive workforce. Current education systems, however, are adequate and successful in their role of preparing students for the primary role of professionalism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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