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Higher Education in Poland: International Business Plan for Warsaw Center for Integral Studies (WCIS) - Term Paper Example

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Higher Education in Poland: International Business Plan for Warsaw Center for Integral Studies (WCIS) Name Professor Name Date Submitted I. Country Information: Poland A. Geography, Demographics, and National Identity The name ‘Poland’ was derived in the tenth century to refer to a Slavonic tribe near Poznan…
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Higher Education in Poland: International Business Plan for Warsaw Center for Integral Studies (WCIS)
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Download file to see previous pages Cracow used to be the capital of Poland but it has been moved to Warsaw since 1611. Poland is naturally bordered in the north by the Baltic Sea, while the Sudetes and Carpathians serve as its southern border. The country does not have any natural borders in the east or in the west, making it susceptible to wars and geo-political changes. Poland’s flag consists of two equal-sized horizontal flags—the upper bar is white while the lower bar is red. The coat-of-arms is a white eagle on a red field, pertaining to a legend that while hunting the first king of the Poles encountered a huge white eagle making a strange cry and hovering over a nest of young (Kreija n.d.). Its population is estimated to be 38 million—eighth largest in Europe and sixth largest in the European Union. Its population density is 122 inhabitants per square kilometer. However, it is crucial to highlight that Poland’s population has decreased in recent years due to emigration and sharp drop of birth rate. Since its inclusion in the European Union, many have emigrated to United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. B. Culture: Gender Roles, Marriage and Family, Socialization The Polish society has a strong patriarchal ideology that regards men as the superior gender. However, the socialist government has offered more opportunities to women, especially in education and employment. Indeed, women are considered to be an essential workforce, comprising 55 percent of the total employed. Unfortunately, their earnings are relatively lower than men since most of them join the badly paid sectors of the industry such as health, social security, finance, education, and retail sales. As further noted in the same online article “even in the better paid sectors of the economy, women are primarily in administration or work as semi-skilled worker” (Kreija n.d.). Polish people typically marry during their early twenties. Unmarried women over twenty are considered spinsters, while bachelors in their late twenties are subjected to public censure and mockery. Thus, men and women are expected to marry, have children, and have only one spouse for a lifetime. Marriage is regarded as a holy responsibility and as a path to authentic happiness and eternal salvation. Ideally, the domestic unit is a three-generation extended family that is comprised of the married couple, their children, and the husband’s parents. However, various changes in the socio-economic sphere have resulted in broken families, with a single mother taking care of all her children. The husband is considered to be the head of the family, but he does not make important decisions without consulting his wife. In upper class families, the relationship is more equal and the husband values his wife’s opinions on familial matters, such as divorce and abortion. Polish people recognize kinship through both genders and use the same kin terms for both father’s and mother’s relatives, but differentiate between genders and generations (Kreija n.d.). Groups of relatives usually assemble for formal occasions, especially for funerals and weddings. It is believed that a pregnant woman should not look at the disabled, mice, or fire to not damage the infant. Pregnancies, in this sense, are hidden from people in order to avoid gossip or acts of jealousy. Although there are no professional midwives, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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