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The Problem of HIV/AIDS in Japan in 21st Century: Causes, Effects, Solutions - Essay Example

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The Problem of HIV/AIDS in Japan in 21st Century: Causes, Effects, Solutions The Problem of HIV/AIDS in Japan in 21st Century: Causes, Effects, Solutions Introduction The objective of the paper is to highlight the continuous growth in the prevalence of HIV AIDS in the Asian countries especially in Japan…
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The Problem of HIV/AIDS in Japan in 21st Century: Causes, Effects, Solutions
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The Problem of HIV/AIDS in Japan in 21st Century: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Download file to see previous pages... HIV- A fatal disease HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus responsible for causing AIDS. AIDS is an abbreviation for AcquiredImmuneDeficiency Syndrome which is generally transmitted through unsafe sexual contacts, the breast milk of an infected person and blood. The virus affects our immune system weakening it to the point that it becomes to fight the different kind of infections attacking our body daily. These diseases are known as opportunistic diseases. A blood test can easily detect the virus in the body. It is not necessary that an HIV positive person is affected by AIDS as well. A physician detects the AIDS based upon the CDC AIDS Case definition. History of AIDS in Japan The history of AIDS in Japan dates its beginning in 1983 though it is still not clear that who the first patient was. The case detected was blood which is also responsible for making the maximum number of AIDS victim so far and is considered as the most vulnerable cause. Three female heterosexual patients were detected AIDS positive in 1986 and 1987.However, it was difficult for AIDS affected people to come out in public and say that they had the HIV virus. Akase Moriyasu, an HIV positive activist came out in 1988 for an interview with NHK. He said: “ I’ll just be pleased if you show me as an ordinary old man with hemophilia, an old tier who contracted HIV and is having fun despite his disability. I’d my friends to have courage and spend their time in a meaningful way. It’s okay to worry and it’s okay to think about all sorts of things, but time marches on, no matter how much you worry.”(Feldman 26). A scandal by the name of Japanese HIV-tainted blood scandal also saw its activation in 1980s when HIV was contracted in one to two thousand Japanese patients by the tainted blood products. Controversy was created due to the continuous use of non – treated blood products after the development of heat treatments which prevented the infections. Patients also went to the court to complain against the pharmaceutical companies like Green Cross who sold infected blood products. The court battle continued till 1996 with the declaration of three Green Cross officials guilty. Many myths were associated with this disease as well such as it’s a foreign disease and will affect to only certain people especially gay and prostitutes or that one can only catch it in other countries. These myths still continue today no matter how baseless they are. However the Japanese need to realize that the population is equally at the risk of infection here at home as well. According to a data, &) percent of Japanese women and men, in the year 1985 and 1999, with HIV had caught the virus within the country itself. Today, though there is no accurate number of the affected people, it is certain that it is continuously increasing with the rapid growth in the population. Causes of AIDS It is already mentioned that HIV is the main cause of this fatal disease. However, the main reason behind the conversion of this disease into an epidemic not only in Japan but in the whole world is that many people who have the virus in their body do not get it tested believing that they are not at risk. Less do they realize that they can get affected by the virus during an intimate contact. Some of the other common causes of AIDS are: introduction of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In 1982 the term “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” was coined to describe the array of symptoms noted in individuals with AIDS. The underlying cause of the array is a depressed immune response characterized by the appearance of opportunistic infections, so-called because they are caused by organisms which do not cause disease in healthy individuals.
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