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Sociology of Love, Dating, Courtship and Marriage - Essay Example

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This research evaluates sociology of love, dating, courtship, and marriage. The sociology of love was first developed in the 20th century by John Lee who stipulated that there are six styles incorporated in love. These are Pragma, Mania, Agape, Eros, Storage, and Ludus…
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Sociology of Love, Dating, Courtship and Marriage
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Extract of sample "Sociology of Love, Dating, Courtship and Marriage"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the definition and application of love greatly depend on which of the six styles the love being considered falls in. For one to understand the dating, marriage and courtship scene it is important to analyze the different types of love so as to understand the key issues that arise in marriages, Courtship, and dating. A good example is by examining two movies whose theme is either building relationships or destruction of relationships as a result of love. The film “Coalition” will be used as a basis of analyzing how and why love can result in the destruction of a relationship while the film “Breaking Dawn Part 2” will be used in the paper to analyze how love can bring about the creation of relationships. I have decided to use the two movies as case examples because both movies reflect on love, but end on different points as a result of love. I have also chosen the two movies because all the six basic types of love come out clearly in both movies but with very different outcomes. In both movies, the issue of marriage, dating, and courtship has also been portrayed significantly showing how the different types of love usually affect these issues and vice versa. According to Feldman, Eros is the type of love which is passionate, erotic and romantic. It is usually characterized by someone idealizing his or her partner and feeling that they have an urge to share everything with the person whom they love. A person who feels Eros love towards someone usually avoid separation with his or her lover and when separation happens it is met with a lot of despair and agony (Feldman19). Ludus love is where one view love as a game or something that must be conquered. This type of love is characterized by various partners, lack of commitment and dependence, promiscuity and lies where ones true feelings are usually not revealed to the other person. Sexual experiences often take place with the aim of pleasure only, and one requires plenty of it. In case of separation from one's partner people who experience Ludos love usually, replace their lover with no feeling whatsoever of loss. Storage love is a form of love that is affectionate and normally develops with time usually from friendship. Storage love is characterized by the fact that there are low levels of excitement in the relationship. The relationship is based on mutual understanding, companionship, respect, sharing, and rapport. In case of separation of someone from their lover storage love is usually characterized by a feeling of loss and emptiness. Pragma is a kind of love which is normally pioneered by the mind instead of the heart. This type of love is usually characterized by the fact that it is truly undemonstrative. Someone who experiences this kind of love is usually self-oriented. Their reaction to criticism from whom they love is usually analytical and defensive. Mania love is usually an obsessive type of love that is highly intense. It is mainly characterized by addiction and jealousy which are normally accompanied by irrational thinking which results in the person being excessively consumed by the thought of their lover. People who experience this type of love are usually very possessive and crave for the constant affection, attention, and togetherness. Such people usually involve themselves in love games in order to be reassured of their partner's love. Normally people who experience this kind of love result in panic when separation occurs. Finally, Agape is a kind of love that is usually selfless. It is characterized by more of giving than receiving. People experiencing agape love are usually patient, loyal and understanding when it comes to the people whom they love. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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