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Human Experiences and Processes For Appearing Attractive To Others - Essay Example

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This essay is focused on the human processes for appearing attractive to others. It is mentioned here that the world is made up of people of diverse cultural and ethnical backgrounds. And this shows that people are different. …
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Human Experiences and Processes For Appearing Attractive To Others
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Download file to see previous pages Grooming describes the conditioning of oneself to a life and appearance that is appealing to the majority of the people around. Nowadays, this is primarily determined by upcoming trends in fashion and lifestyle. Those who prescribe these changes are celebrities and the elite, particularly in developing countries. For instance, the youth tend to imitate music superstar’s style of clothing and lifestyle as well as communication style. If a teenager does not keep up to date with these changes, he or she feels left out in the society. Furthermore, people are attracted to others depending on their grooming and culture. This is probably why conservative people tend to keep to themselves and have difficulties opening up to new people in their lives.
Convention describes a tradition or custom within a society. This dictates the normal way of conductor presentation within members of the society. For instance, in Islam, women have to cover their bodies and hair when around people, even their relatives. This is in accordance with their faith that sees women as sacred and divine beings with the ability to motivate others to sin when they see their beauty. Remember it is the woman’s body that defines her beauty. Thus, women who fail to adhere to such laws as perceived bad and suspects for immorality. Islam men tend to keep away from such women and they end up staying single or married to men of other religions with no such regulations. On the other hand, in developing nations, clothing that reveals too much skin is termed immoral. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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