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Tourism Policy and Planning Professor University State Date Introduction This research paper focuses on Hong Kong as a major tourism destination in the world. I will focus on the development of tourism in Hong Kong before and after 1997.Over the last decade, Hong Kong has changed into a modern and exciting city…
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Tourism Policy and Planning
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Download file to see previous pages Hong Kong offers visitors the opportunity to experience the glimpse of its culture which is a fascinating experience as this great city has successfully combined the essence of an ancient and a modern world. Hong Kong acquired independence from Britain and became part of main land china in 1997. This transition changed tourism in the city a lot as many infrastructures were built afterwards. Natural parks, Disney land, and different hotels were built later. Since then, tourism has become an important role of Hong Kong. (Tsang, 2007). According Kwong (1997), Hong Kong has at least 118 hotels with about 43,866 rooms with an average tenancy rate of 85 per cent and an average length of stay of overnight visitors of 4 nights. The Tourism Commission (TC) of Hong Kong was mandated in May 1999 by the government of mainland china to put in place a variety of tourism growth efforts and to provide better policy hold up and leadership on the part of government to the growth of tourism in Hong Kong. The commission aims to make Hong Kong Asia’s premier international city and a world-class destination for leisure and commerce tourists. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and the government work in agreement to bring in the community. It is healthy for the tourism industry that the community and the government work closely together. Literature review Tourism is travelling and staying in an unusual environment for leisure, recreation, or business among other purposes. Building on this understanding, it is agreeable that the tourism industry has experienced a substantial growth for the duration of the last century. Currently, tourism has become a global activity of leisure and recreational purposes, where most travelers spend time exploring and resting in attraction sites that are available around the world. Such attraction sites have unique features that are favorable to human enjoyment and perceptions. The features include great buildings, artwork, new cultures, and languages, historical and geographical sites, amongst other reasons. Such features in a given destination make tourists to travel several miles in order to experience their impacts towards the society. It is easy to wonder what tourists/consumers bring back after several days of total relation and or enjoyment of the great facilities, wonderful views and delicious food. Nonetheless, experience is an important benefit of the vacation. Consumers’ needs and wants noticeably differ, but gaining some positive (or negative) experiences is a predictable result of consuming the services/products they buy. Experience, or rather consumption experience, relates to the total outcome to a consumer from the combination of goods, environment as well as services purchased. Altogether, the nature of such experiences is vital for the tourism and hospitality industry especially considering that products associated with this industry are always experiential. This assessment demonstrates an understanding of the experiential nature of tourism and hospitality marketing. This is achieved through addressing various issues such as; the nature of the experience economy, importance of experiences in tourism and hospitality, and the concept of experimental marketing from a broad perspective. The first issue to examine is the nature of the experience economy. Economic experience is rather a new vision for a new economic era. In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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