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Testimonies of conversion - Essay Example

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Converts to Islam are found across all genders, ages, all professions and social status. At least we have converts in all the above categories and it is right to say that conversion to Islam is not segregational nor is it a reserve for a few deserving individuals…
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Testimonies of conversion
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Extract of sample "Testimonies of conversion"

Download file to see previous pages Converts to Islam are generally expected to observe hard work, ethical behavior, and conservative distinctions between men and women although there other mandatory fulfillments for converts. These include; Acknowledging that, the Holy prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah and after him there is no other prophet of Allah who will come, that the Qur'ran is the last of the divine books revealed and all its contents are true, that all the teachings given by the Holy Qur'an in absolute and unambiguous terms are true and acceptable and that the life hereafter will involve one facing the fate of his or her good and evil deeds.
Reasons for conversion. This depends on ones belief in the right path of god, the love of another or the fact that another faith may seem, according to the convert, to be promoting a different and better way of living. Conversion and marriage. Ideally, it is not a correct practice to embrace Islam for the sake of marrying only. Therefore, one should know at the first instance that conversion to Islam is not meant for marriage.
People convert just to follow a set of beliefs different from those of other family members or friends this can be termed as rebellion. It may be because someone wants to change certain aspects in their life. Forcible religious conversion, conversion may also result through coercion as it was the case during colonization in the 18th century and other periods in history. In such times, refusal to convert to Islam resulted in the massacre, destruction, rape of women and enslaving of men.
Context of conversion. In college, converts may meet Muslims and get interested in their culture and religion. This develops into deep Interest in learning more and studying Qur'ran. If helped by other Muslims, one gets converted easily at this stage. Social reasons. Generally Muslims, especially women are viewed as honesty, and of high morals this strength of morality impacts on non Muslims hence making many to want to convert.
Conversion through friends. Friends can help one in reading the Qur'an and answering any questions about the religion therefore it is an important mode of conversion. Almost without exception, changing to a new religious orientation takes place through what is referred to as kinship and friendship networks in sociology.
Conversion through impersonal methods of communication, this happens through the electronic and other forms of media such as television. By watching an Imam preaching in television or listening to Qur'an readings in radio, many are led into conversion.
Disillusionment with the western society. Many people are confused and disillusioned especially in the west about the true religion vis--vis their culture. This has led many to convert to Isla ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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