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Family Studies: Marriage and Divorce Differences between the Middle East and the American Society - Term Paper Example

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Marriage and Divorce Differences between the Middle East and American Societies Module title: Module ID: Submission date: The Paper: The present paper aims to elaborate the patterns of domestic life of the individuals by paying special heed to marriage and divorce systems that have been in vogue in two absolutely divergent cultures of the globe i.e…
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Family Studies: Marriage and Divorce Differences between the Middle East and the American Society
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Extract of sample "Family Studies: Marriage and Divorce Differences between the Middle East and the American Society"

Download file to see previous pages Since a large majority of the US population are the followers of the Christian faith (Eck, 2002, p.432), which lays stress upon the observing of moral values, and fulfillment of the carnal desires through marriage between the individuals belonging to the opposite genders (Chadwick, 1975, p.6), marriage institution had got significant popularity in the US culture since the olden past. The same is also applied to the Middle East societies as an overwhelming majority of their populations adhere to the Abrahamic faiths including Islam, Christianity and Judaism (Fox, 2001, p.31). However, the Muslims make up the largest majority of the entire region, which also demonstrates the same teachings regarding marriage attributed to its predecessor Abrahamic faiths, i.e. Judaism and Christianity. As a result, marriage between two adults of opposite gender is the only acceptable sexual association in the Middle East societies, which gives birth to the legitimate children eventually. Families in the Arab world, according to Rashad et al. (2005), are undergoing major changes as new patterns of marriage and family formation emerge across the region (p. 1). ...
Furthermore, endogamy had been in vogue in the Arab world, where the people preferred to marry within their close relations and tribesmen. Hence, religious values dominated over the Hebrew and Arab cultures prevailing in a large part of the entire region. Moreover, polygamy has been in vogue in the Middle East, where the Muslim males can marry and keep four females at a time (Barakat, 1993, p.22). It is particularly the case with the men coming from the royal families and elite stratum of society, where having more than two wives has been a tradition and fashion among them for the last several centuries. Since they possess huge amount of money and resources, managing large families and fulfilling their financial needs has never been a big deal for them. Somehow, monogamy, as well as bigamy, appears to be obtaining popularity in the modern era, which is considered to be the outcome of rise in the literacy rate as well as spread and penetration of globalization. As a result, a noticeable proportion of the Middle East men have now started keeping one single wife with them at one time. Another distinguishing characteristic of the Middle East includes the observing of early marriages at a larger scale. The parents in the Arab countries used to get their daughters and sisters married at the age between 15 to 20 years. Rashad et al. (2005) noticed that during the early 1970s, around 40 percent of women ages 15 to 19 were married in Kuwait and Libya, but these figures had dropped by the mid-1990s to 5 percent and 1 percent respectively (p.2). It was actually because of low literacy rate as well as due to absence of the trend and opportunities for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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