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Arranged Marriages in India: The Way Marriage is Viewed in the Hindu Faith - Term Paper Example

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This paper will try to decipher if marriages in the Hindu faith last longer due to satisfaction and at the same time contrast the level of satisfaction that arises from love marriages. This paper will also try to compare satisfaction in arranged marriages with unarranged ones…
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Arranged Marriages in India: The Way Marriage is Viewed in the Hindu Faith
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Extract of sample "Arranged Marriages in India: The Way Marriage is Viewed in the Hindu Faith"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that as one moves across cultures from the West to the East there exists a continuum amid the concepts of Individualism and Collectivism. Collectivism is a yielding focus where life decisions are made taking the needs and benefits of the family, rather than the individual, into account. In ‘traditional’ cultures such as these families select the individuals to be bonded in marriage. In the conservative Indian Culture, marriage comes before love. It is believed by some and accepted by others that love can develop and two people can learn to live with each other. Indian marriages are based on a compromise where families of the groom seek ‘chaste’ women and families of the bride seek marriage proposals with good financial promises. Contrary to widespread incredulity in the West, arranged marriages do enjoy gratification and love as both men and women have been socialized to ‘adjust’ for the good of the family. This was confirmed by the outcomes of the study ‘Marriage Satisfaction and Wellness in India and the United States: A Preliminary Comparison of Arranged Marriages and Marriages of Choice’. This study involves the comparison of marriage contentment levels in arranged marriages in India to the level of marital bliss enjoyed by American couples that have married of their choice. The sample consisted of 45 individuals (22 couples and 1 windowed person) from the southern state of Kerala, India. Two mechanisms were chosen to quantify the results. The first one was The Characteristics of Marriage Inventory (CHARISMA). In this, 18 characteristics related to marriage are listed and participants have to first order the 6 that are most important to them and then indicate their satisfaction with each. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arranged Marriages in India: The Way Marriage Is Viewed in the Hindu Term Paper.
“Arranged Marriages in India: The Way Marriage Is Viewed in the Hindu Term Paper”, n.d.
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... used in deducing the results available (Green & Thorogood, 2004). Given the sensitivity of the data collected, there will be only two authorized signatories who will have the password to the softcopy documents stored in the computers or in their laptops. The code will be reviewed and changed every 48 hours to ensure maximum security. Servers will be procured from Cisco to help ensure that data stored is safe with hardcopies being stored in lockable cupboards where the head researcher will have the key. Expected Outcomes From this research, it is expected that more information regarding the way women view the arranged marriages and the way they believe the law can assist them. The use of qualitative analysis will be crucial in creating...
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Over the years, Americans have perceived the American dream differently. The dream has changed significantly since the days of the founding fathers. First, it promised Americans equal opportunities then it became the achievement of material wealth (Kochan 3). F. Scott Fitzgerald illustrates the American Dream aptly in hi...
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