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Culture and Me - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Culture and Me Human existence is defined through cultural interactions. Culture, in this case, includes the norms and societal values that a particular group of people adheres to. In broader terms, culture includes people’s way of dressing, cuisine, and even ways of worship…
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Culture and Me
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, all cultures should be viewed as equal with none perceived as being superior. Currently, technological advancements together with lifestyle changes have compelled people from diverse cultures to interact more frequently. The following discourse focuses on the cultural experiences that a person of Saudi descent experienced from visits to Canada and India. The subsequent part also delves on how culture in the three countries (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India and Canada) differs. Besides, it focuses on the probable differences and conflicts that are inherent in the three cultures. Being a Saudi, the Islamic culture has largely influenced me. From a personal perspective, the norms that are evidenced from my life are largely based on the Saudi influence which is largely Islamic. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is largely an Islamic country. The lives of the citizens conform to the requirements of Islam which is a very conservative religion. The culture is based on decency and does not condone any act that would contravene that. For instance, the women dress in lengthy gowns and cover their faces with veils. Furthermore, the interactions between their women and men are limited as the culture considers women to be reserved and deserving designated places more specifically in the kitchen and at home. The women are, therefore, discouraged from taking part in such sensitive matters as governance and politics. This belief is responsible for the high number of Islamic girls who were never educated in the centuries preceding the eighteenth century in the country. The Islamic faith was instilled in me at an early age. This has largely determined the mode of dressing as well as conduct seen in me just as outlined above. India has a culture which is different from Saudi Arabia’s. Visiting India exposed me to a different cultural experience. It made me open up to some changes in personality. It offers an atmosphere a little more liberal than in Saudi Arabia. With a population slightly over a billion, it is constituted of over five hundred tribes. Each and every one of these tribes has its culture owing to their diverse origins and this offers a conflict right from within its boundaries. The most common religion, however, is Hindu, which the largest percentage of the populace subscribes to. It differs very slightly from Islam as they follow nearly similar norms. For instance, their women dress almost the same way, except that in India they adorn a variety of colors and designs. Just like Islam, followers of the Hindu religion believe in arranged marriages. The mode of dressing that occasionally pleases me is Indian. Personally, Canada presented a unique experience. Canada is an exact opposite of these two countries. This is a country situated north of the United States of America. The culture of this land would be hard to describe as the way the people in this country live their lives is heavily influenced by their British colonial masters. It is a free democratic society in which every citizen is free to make his or her decision. Besides, every person enjoys equal rights and is free to do what he or she pleases provided one does not infringe upon another’s rights. This extreme freedom has led to the country having a number of religions ranging from Christianity, which is the most popular one, to Islam and Hindu. This occurrence explains the fact that there exists in the country people from all these backgrounds and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Culture and Me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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