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Culture is a fundamental aspect of human life. It influences the lifestyles of people since it influences the choices that people make. Additionally, culture is contemporary with different people having unique cultural beliefs. Managing and…
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Nature of organizations and the contemporary environment I took quizzes on cross culture. Culture is a fundamental aspect of humanlife. It influences the lifestyles of people since it influences the choices that people make. Additionally, culture is contemporary with different people having unique cultural beliefs. Managing and understanding cultural differences is therefore important since it influences the nature of interactions among people from different cultural backgrounds. Contemporary commercial organizations employ people from varied backgrounds. Such organizations therefor require effective management of the differing cultures within the organization in order to determine an appropriate way of managing the organization in order to enhance the profitability of such organizations.
My score did not surprise, I had adequate understanding of the varied cultures interviewed. The United States is a cosmopolitan society. This implies that the society experiences some of the cultural conflicts quizzed in the interview. As such, I have interacted with people from varied cultural settings and therefore understood the differences in cultures in the different societies.
Among the strengths I exhibit in intercultural awareness is the fact that I have interacted with people from varied cultural backgrounds. Through such interactions, I understood the intricate features of the culture besides understanding the dynamic nature of cultures. Through our interactions, we trade cultural values as people abandon specific cultural features they feel retrogressive and adopt new cultural values. The dynamic feature of culture has helped integrate the society, as the world became a global village.
The weaknesses I portrayed in the quiz was lack of knowledge of African cultures among other cultures of far flung areas such the minority societies in east Asia and the enclosed areas such as Northern Korea. Understanding culture is often relative depending on the interactions that people have with each other. My lack of knowledge of such cultures is therefore a portrayal of the enclosed nature of the societies a feature that therefore limits their interactions with the rest of the world.
However, I must improve my weaknesses and build my strengths in order to enhance my understanding of the cultural differences in the different societies. In order to do this, I plan to undertake studies on cultures. I plan to read different books that address the cultural diversity in the society. Existing literatures provide appropriate information about different cultures including cultural practices in such secluded societies as Northern Korea.
Additionally, I plan to travel to different destinations globally. Travelling and interacting with people from varied cultures. Through such interactions, it becomes possible to understand the cultural features of the different societies. Culture is an important aspect of humanity that influences both their behaviors and interactions. Cultural diversity is therefore an important aspect of human resource management. Numerous books and journals therefore address the subject. By reading such books and journals, I will obtain fundamental knowledge that will not only hone my management skills but also enhance my interaction prowess thus enabling me to interact with people from varied cultures.
Duska, R. (2007). Contemporary Reflections on Business Ethics. Boston: Springer. Read More
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