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Humanitys Social Development - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Humanity’s Social Development:
This trend of interactivity among human race led to the most important industry of modern era that is information technology. This industry is solely designed to provide a common mechanism of communication through which people from several countries can interact. …
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Humanitys Social Development
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Download file to see previous pages Information technology made international trade viable for almost everyone, thereby turning the world into global village. Additionally, people can also increase their circle of friends through social sites. Therefore, every facet of human life transformed into an electronic one over the past two decades. But, as people increasingly rely on internet to manage their friends, the true color of human interaction is faded away rapidly (Scheffknecht).
In parallel, next generation of human race is vaguely aware of the ethical standards upheld by their ancestors in ancient times. Based on this argument, this paper believed that lack of old fashioned face to face interactions is significantly damaging the social skills of youth worldwide.
Another consequence of increased technological interventions in human life can be described as increasing generational gap between the parents and their children (Ludviga, 2012) because, elders do not consider electronic interaction as something wonderful, thus take it as the curse of modern era. On the other hand, youth believe it to be the necessity of life. Therefore, it can be assumed that technology which was conceptualized as the mean of facilitating human interaction is in reality tearing family structure apart. So humans are utilizing information technology as the source of sociological destruction. ...
On the other hand, youth believe it to be the necessity of life. Therefore, it can be assumed that technology which was conceptualized as the mean of facilitating human interaction is in reality tearing family structure apart. So humans are utilizing information technology as the source of sociological destruction. In addition to all these consequences, we humans cannot abolish internet from our lives because, it brought many positive changes. But, we can at least limit its use in order to revive our typical culture of real time interaction, so that we can revitalize our old traditions of parties and concerts filled with active interaction among several individuals. In this fashion, humans can also manage to eliminate various psychological disorders which developed due to increased loneliness in people’s life. It is also interesting to note that each nation differentiates from other ones in respect of cultural and social systems. This characteristic of dissimilarity can be attributed towards various factors. However, the most important one in this regard is weather because, it guided the local agricultural industry to produce those crops which can sustain in the indigenous environment of that area. Thus, specialization settled in with the passage of time therefore, some of the countries specialized in producing gold, copper and technological products while others did so in agricultural products, such as wheat and other similar items thus, strengthening the interdependencies among the nations of the world. Conclusion This paper focused on analyzing various factors that play a significant role in shaping the culture of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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