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Can social psychology save humanity Discuss - Essay Example

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But, does this overall betterment in standards and conditions of living made human beings a happier lot? The answer is “no”. Surveys after surveys have pointed that beyond basic…
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Can social psychology save humanity Discuss
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Download file to see previous pages Myers also points how “materialism” and “consumerist culture” can never provide lasting peace for its pursuers. Myers asserts that material affluence can at best give a temporary surge of happiness. What would give lasting happiness are the following - loving close relationships, adherence to a religious faith, a positive outlook, a stress-free work environment, etc. In effect, a low consumption, non-materialistic way of life could fetch more happiness for the individual and the group. The theory is backed by plenty of statistic. Several surveys have shown that married people are happier than those who are single; more church-goers find inner harmony than non-believers; those involved in community activities find more satisfaction than the rest (Yang, Kleinman, et al., 2007).
It is important to recognize the current prevalence of misery and distress across the globe. Statistics show that the financially well-off are only marginally happier than their poorer compatriots. It means that additional wealth that is not essential for survival provides disproportionately low value. The recent decades had seen an increase in the cases of depression and suicide. While societies are getting more affluent, the distribution of wealth remains highly uneven. For example, the gap between the rich and poorer sections of society is wider than ever before. The percentage of people living in poverty had not changed much. Life-threatening epidemics such as malaria and AIDS are rampant in the third world. Teenage suicide rates are at an all time high. Violent crimes have not abated despite legislation to curb them. A large chunk of humanity does not even have access to basic amenities like clean water, electricity and telephone facility. All of the above conditions paint a dark and discouraging picture of the present human condition. But all is not lost. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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