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Humanism and the Arts - Essay Example

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Humanists put enormous emphasis on the promotion of a new educational curriculum and mindset. The essay "Humanism and the Arts" would be an attempt to investigate the development and history of humanism, nature of humanism and relation of humanism with arts. …
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Humanism and the Arts
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All academic circles today acknowledge humanities as a separate academic discipline or field of study. However, humanists of the late fifteenth century are responsible for the development of the same. As mentioned earlier in the paper, that they named it as studia humanitatis that included grammar, rhetoric, history, poetry, and ethics or moral philosophy. Quite understandably, the idea of having such as an outline of subjects was twofold. Firstly, the goal was to make the students with exceptional, graceful, and elegant orators and writers (Gay, 2001). Secondly, the idea was to make sure that people realize the importance of moral values, their collective responsibility towards the society and acknowledge their power of reasoning so that they can outclass their supernatural religious dogma, contribute for the betterment of their societies and can persuade others to do the same (Kelley, 1991).
In addition, it is very interesting to compare scholasticism, the idea that pervaded in much of the pre-Renaissance European society, with humanism, which to a considerable extent, became successful in replacing it. Actually, humanism was a response to the inefficiencies, loopholes, and failures of scholasticism. Firstly, scholasticism failed to give the taste of practical experience to its followers and relied heavily on abstract thoughts. As mentioned earlier, humanists proposed that physical and moral development is also important with intellectual development (Grassi, 1988).
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