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The Essence of Humanism Seen Through the Villa Rotunda - Essay Example

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The main objective of the following discussion is to explore the humanism through the analysis of an architectural work done during the Renaissance period. In this regard, the essay strives to explore the essence of humanism in one of the finest buildings of Renaissance period…
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The Essence of Humanism Seen Through the Villa Rotunda
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Download file to see previous pages The Renaissance period also gave birth to the phenomenon of learning from the nature that became the base for the revival of classical letter and teachings. This ideology was backed by the belief that these learning can guide the humans towards the right path of the life. The humanism theorists believe that the human being can seek for assistance from nature in each and every facet of their lives. When it comes to arts, the humanists believe that an artist should reflect the perfection and balance that he found in different creatures of nature. In this way, an artist can also emulate the perfection and balanced beauty of the natural creations (Petrosyan, 1972, p98).
The main objective of the following discussion is to explore the humanism through the analysis of an architectural work done during the Renaissance period. In this regard, the essay strives to explore the essence of humanism in one of the finest buildings of Renaissance period; Villa Rotunda that was built by an eminent humanist architect of that time Andrea Palladio who was the chief architect of Venetian Republic. This building is chosen because Palladio is among the prominent humanists of his age and the focus upon one of his major accomplishment could be a significant way to apprehend the values of humanism reflected through the art pieces. Palladio was among the most influential architects of the Renaissance era whose work is a great source of inspiration even for the architects of modern time (Hopkins, 2002, p43). He has designed twenty villas in Venetian Mainland during his lifetime and almost all of them are regarded as beautiful example of renaissance arts; however, the villa rotunda possesses a distinguished position among all of his works and it has been regarded as the finest and subtle artwork of Palladio that is alive even after centuries (Howard and Deborah, 1980, p224). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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