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Marriage in Indian culture - Essay Example

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Reveal Topic: While arranged and early marriages are frowned in most parts of the world, it is commonly practiced in India. Marriages can be arranged at the time the girl is born and she can actually wed before her puberty stage.
c. Supporting information for first main…
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Marriage in Indian culture
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Download file to see previous pages 1. First detail of support for A: “among the educated classes, arrangements are made by parents and/or relatives for couples to photographs exchanged” (countrystudies) for couples to have an idea who they are going to marry.
b. Further detail of 1: They can also meet where there are other people or groups around especially relatives “such as going out for tea with a group of people or meeting in the parlor of the girls home, with her relatives standing by” (countrystudies).
2. Second detail for B: Because of its importance in Hindu faith, preparations are made early and it follows that most girls are married before and almost all girls married before the age of 16 while most boys are married before the age of 22 (Gupta 146).
C. Supporting information for third main point: Unlike in Hindu belief that a child is unholy and incomplete until he or she is married, Muslims in India believe that it is a parent’s duty to have their daughters happily married and believed that they are incomplete if were able to do so (Ahmad 53).
a. Further detail of 1: This is founded on the belief of the Sunna that the female is viewed as a Par Gaheri, a woman who was born to look after her husband’s household. The burden of obligation here is on the parent (Ahmad 53).
c. Further detail of 1: But unlike the Hindu’s where the arranged marriage happens during infancy, it is different among the Muslims where the couples are already grown up where the groom has to become marketable to be acceptable to the bride.
II. (Connect to larger context, refer back to introduction, or connect to audience): The practice may not be acceptable in most parts of the world but it has actually held India’s society together for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marriage in Indian Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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