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The implications of increased interracial relationships - Research Paper Example

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In America, many races co-exist together and interact leading to development and prosperity. Racist related problems have prompted scholars both blacks and whites to conglomerate and fight for the rights and freedoms of the oppressed. …
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The implications of increased interracial relationships
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Extract of sample "The implications of increased interracial relationships"

Download file to see previous pages After the abolition of slavery, Blacks settled in America and became citizens. Scholars for instance Frederick Douglass published an article entitled "The Color Line" and W. E. B. Du Bois’ authored a book ‘The Souls of Black Folk,” which fast tracked the immediate liberation of black Americans. Conversely, interracial relations has been adopted and encouraged for a long time. Peaceful cohesion has come a long way since periods when America was divided into three regions; Industrial North, Agricultural south and Slave labor. This took efforts of religious, political, Economic and social leaders to unite and treat all ethnic communities in America fairly. This paper seeks to examine implications of interracial relations in American and factors that led to inter marriage and peaceful co-existence in society. Racial, religious, cultural and ethnic factors have contributed tremendously to intermarriages in the United States of America. Interracial relations have been improved through the formulation of policies by the State which covered all the communities irrespective of color and background for instance Civil Rights movement of 1960, immigration policies, and cultural exchange laws. These policies ensured that individuals in love are able to marry and work together in the same companies and work places. In the years before, blacks and whites had different roles and social places for instance, blacks attending low standard institutions of learning, work in the informal sector of the economy and more so, they were not able to hold any administrative position. These policies received warm welcome and they were adopted though there is little resistance for mutual acceptance especially when interracial marriages received objections (Golebiowska & Ewa 2007). Geographical and regional location determined whether interracial marriages will be successful or will fail. People from the same area have high chances of engaging in marriage than individuals who are away. In the United States, cultures differ and people from the same locality have the same traits therefore, this increases chances of interracial relationships. This not only applies exclusively to blacks and whites, whites have different cultures among their ethnic groups that can mar marriage. In the past fifty years, Northern America did not have blacks in their land while the south misused Africans for slavery. Intermarriage has tilted towards the West for instance, period 2008-2010 whereby one in every five newlyweds married outside his or her own race.14% were in south, 13% northeast and 11% Midwest (Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 2008-2010).These two hemispheres had more differences than similarities and it took scholars and community leader’s long time to solve. Northern America citizens boycotted duty and painted their faces with black ore to show solidarity with blacks in the south to illustrate their importance as the whites (Sang-Hee Lee & Baldoz 2008). Sex ratio factor has contributed immensely to interracial relationships in America. Gender ratio between white males and females was in disparity since older people were more than younger generation. This was caused by family planning strategies which restricted families to have few children. With immigration, more families were introduced into American society and increased number of youths. Blacks had large families compared to the whites. This niche accelerated interracial marriages and dating. Polygamy however caused shortage between boys and girls. Older men indulged in deviance especially after retirement and looked for younger girls who deprived younger men spouses to marry making them to approach different race and ethnic community. Cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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