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How Do Digital Media Affect Reasoning on Important Social Issues - Essay Example

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This paper talks that digital media as a venue for reasoning has remained a continuous debating issue as to whether it benefits the society to improve their reasoning capacity or it impacts them. Digital media has increasing become widely used in all sectors across the globe…
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How Do Digital Media Affect Reasoning on Important Social Issues
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Extract of sample "How Do Digital Media Affect Reasoning on Important Social Issues"

Download file to see previous pages Digital media has affected the reasoning on significant social issues; thus contributing to increased violence and unethical behaviors. Many teenagers spend most of their time in social media such as televisions or play video games on computers. This has contributed to increased violence because some video games are dangerous to teenagers; thus, they contribute to violence behaviors in the society. Other develops unethical behaviors especially bad sexual behaviors due to watching pornography or love movies. Other unethical behaviors may include smoking, and use of drugs because teens want to gain adequate energy to continue surfing or chatting with their friends. Digital media has contributed to increased health issues such as stress and poor health relationships. Poor health relationship in this case results due to relationship made through social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many others, which leads to stress and loneliness. Stress may result in case one partner may break up with their partners, and this can sometimes lead to committing suicide (Winget and William 83). Many teenagers are among the groups that fall in poor relationships that affect them emotionally. Young generations spend most of their times login into social networking sites and creating profiles and publicly articulate their relationships with others. Other teenagers write extensive comments on their profiles some of which contributes to social conflicts and others are demoralizing. Moreover, some teenagers spend most of their entire time on social networking sites and cellphones to interact with their friends. This has led to increased social disorders and contributed to health issues such as obesity among...
This essay makes a conclusion that social media such as add magazines or advertisement posted on social sites or television contribute to gender issues. In most cases, some advertisement contributes to gender issues in that many advertisers may post the picture of female when making an attempt of promoting certain products such as cosmetics. Some of these pictures are sex, and most of them contributes to genders issues especially loss of self-esteem to femininity. The advertisers can also use skewed beauty images that are posted on the social media sites with an aim of promoting their business. However, the skewed ad may send a negative image to the viewers and some of them may interpret the image in a negative way. For instance, the skewed beauty pictures of women may send a message of gender issues by viewing women as sex objects.
This report approves that even though media provides valuable information and makes communication easier; too much dependent on digital media affects the health of individuals, privacy issues and contributes to cultural biasness. Digital media has led to varied social issues including increased violence, unethical behaviors, health complications, cultural biasness and privacy of celebrities. Many of the teenagers no longer reason the way they used to before the introduction of technology; thus contributing to poor performance in schools. Although, digital media have contributed to varied social issues, it has contributed to varied social aspects in transforming the society. It has made communicate easier, contributed to a national disaster relief, improved learning activities, and it has linked many people across the globe; thus contributing to a global village. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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