Social Media Effect On Teenagers - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The social networks are the inseparable part of the life of modern adolescents. The writer of the paper "Social Media Effect On Teenagers" gives the annotated bibliography of network articles about influences of social network sites on the adolescents' life and academic development…
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Social Media Effect On Teenagers
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Download file to see previous pages Why youth (heart) social network sites: The role of networked publics in teenage social life. MacArthur Foundation series on digital learning–Youth, identity, and digital media volume, 119-142. Retrieved from This is a report documenting a comprehensive research on social networking peer-based sociality. The author evaluates the effects of social networking in relation to teenage identity and status. He also compares social networking interactions with face-to-face public life.
Butler, M. G. I. (2010). Online social networking and the impact on well-being: implications for school counselors. Retrieved from This author reviews recent literature on online social networking and its psychological impact on teenagers. The article identifies and discusses cyber bullying and sexting as the greatest negative effects of online social networking on teenagers.
Dinakar, K., Jones, B., Havasi, C., Lieberman, H., & Picard, R. (2012). Common sense reasoning for detection, prevention, and mitigation of cyber bullying. ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems. Retrieved from This article focuses on cyber bullying as a negative effect of social networking sites and its effect on healthy interpersonal relationships in teenagers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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