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The paper “A Phenomenon of Censorship” examines censorship, which appears in societies in order to protect the human mind and defend the community ideas from the bad effects of challenging media. Censorship has those who support it and some people who are against it…
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A Phenomenon of Censorship
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Download file to see previous pages Censorship has those who support it and some people who are against it with each group having their reasons, and censorship has its advantages and disadvantages which determine whether people will support it or not.
People who are able to think for themselves will not be poorly affected. However, censorship has been very helpful in the past. It has a lot of benefits that save and protect the ideals of the society. In The Ed Sullivan Show and The (Censored) Sounds of the Sixties, Sullivan claims, “open big. Keep it clean. Always have something for the kids.” According to what Sullivan said, censorship emphasizes the idea of what he wanted for his show which was to make the show not only for adults but also for all ages. Because of this censorship, the show became understandable and available as a family program. It helped him define the kind of show he offered.
It is true that entertainment can have an effect on the human mind, especially on teenagers. For example, imagine the consequences of teenagers watching violent movies that the writers and the producers made for adults. Teenagers are not able to separate reality from fiction and begin to believe that this is expected behavior. From my point of view, watching violent movies will have a definite effect on teenagers, as I saw through my brother Rashid. When Rashid had been watching boxing shows, he started getting in trouble because he was beating the other kids. Because teenagers’ minds are changeable and impressionable, this kind of movie quickly affects their way of thinking and they forget their limits. As a result, many teenagers think what they are watching is allowed and because of what they have seen, they will try to do the same.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“A Phenomenon of Censorship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/psychology/1557531-editing.
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