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How media has influenced on people and politics in Russia - Essay Example

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It performs many functions: to inform, educate, broadcast, entertain. It is clear that they play an important role in the formation, function, and evolution of social consciousness as a whole. Moreover,…
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How media has influenced on people and politics in Russia
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Download file to see previous pages It is significant that modern political science media is characterized by a lush title "fourth estate" along with the legislative, executive and judicial, and so on. The belief in the omnipotence of television is so great that some politicians say, that who controls TV and media, controls the entire country. Indeed, modern politics is impossible to imagine without the press, radio and television. Without a doubt, in the grandiose changes that are currently going through Russia, an important role is played by the media. That is the huge role that the media plays in social and political life of the country, making it the subject of ongoing discussion and research by scientists, experts and journalists. The given paper will prove that in the conditions of crisis due to the state of social anxiety people are particularly susceptible to suggestion and propaganda and easily respond to various new incentives and ideas.
Let us consider how media can influence the society. In my opinion, Rozin.V.M. described media functions and how they influence the society well. The analysis shows that in the modern world media have three main functions: to inform, to express the position of certain social actors, carry out a particular ideological influence on the mind. While it has long shown that it is not often function of the press and media confined to first, some argue that the main thing is to present the facts, objective information and nothing else. In connection with this, it is easy to make the following point: the media does not simply inform the person, but also create a certain reality in which it is immersed. As part of these, almost virtual reality consciously, but more often unconsciously programmed not only by experience, but also his thoughts, attitude.
First factor can be called "personalist". This is how the journalist realized event. Second ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Media Has Influenced on People and Politics in Russia Essay.
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