Role of Stereotypes/bias in British Foreign Policy towards Russia - Essay Example

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It is evident that the British foreign policy is biased towards Russia and this dissertation attempts to prove the manner in which this bias towards Russia occurs. In order to make an…
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Role of Stereotypes/bias in British Foreign Policy towards Russia
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Download file to see previous pages es to Russia and the associated conflicts, this research uses the provisions of the international law to provide analytical foundations to the applicability of British Foreign Policy in Russia, as well as other nations. Furthermore, it makes comparisons on the conflicts that the country faced with conflicts of similar natures as Russia. The research concludes by drawing on the collected data to provide a synopsis on how the British Foreign Policy, based on the actual events, fails to present itself as a standard purposeful doctrine promoting international peace but rather geared towards tainting the image of the Russian government for its own personal benefit1.
The political and socioeconomic history of Russia has a run-on effect on how the rest of the world views it. With reference to various nations around the world who constitute the United Nations, Russia’s actions throughout history have had serious criticism regarding their level of diplomacy and diversion from the guidelines of international law. However, looking at the provisions of foreign policies of various nations such as the US and the UK, the intellectual and political actions of Russia received condemnation without merit as the same actions, such as invasion of other nations by the critics has followed the same protocols2.
From the historical background of Russia and its relations with the US and the UK, there is a high expectation that most of the criticism associates with Russia’s communist governance and its relations with communist governments. The US and the UK expect their foreign policies to have more merits than Russia’s diplomatic decision-making capabilities. Given a series of conflicts witnessed throughout history since the break of World War I, most people expected that Russia would continue to appear as a political outcast in the eyes of the Britain and its allies such as the US3.
In this dissertation, analysis narrows down to Britain’s perceptions of Russia and how the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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