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To What Extent Can Religious Motives Be Used in Cartoons and Motion Pictures without Offending Various Religious Groups - Research Proposal Example

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According to Jansen (1991), despite scientific and social progress, the freedom phenomenon still faces obstruction and distortion from religious censorship. This domain has always been…
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Extract of sample "To What Extent Can Religious Motives Be Used in Cartoons and Motion Pictures without Offending Various Religious Groups"

Download file to see previous pages speech has been toppled over with the recent publication of cartoons published by the Danish newspapers depicting the sacred image of Mohammed wearing a bomb as a turban. What has triggered such outrage and violence by Muslims across the world?
On the one side of the debate, proponents of the free speech claim that in a free and democratic society, the foundation of free speech is the ability express thoughts, publish writings and produce films without the fear of censorship, especially from the religious community (Appignanesi 2005). They have the right to free speech to convey their thoughts to others.
In the United Kingdom especially, the media is governed by laws which counteract such malediction as the Danish cartoons. As a result, films like The Big Bang, Catacombs, Multiple Maniacs and Visions of Ecstasy are banned from media channels. The rationale of the censorship authority is that these films have been subjected to censorship or ban because of the legitimate, ethical and social concerns for viewers whose religious beliefs they might offend (Parliament 2003).
- Purpose of the research is to evaluate the controversies which have triggered riots and violence among religious communities against the contradictory portrayals of religious figures, doctrines and principles in the media, and resolve the problem of censorship.
- Problem of Censorship is an issue which has limited the scope of freedom of expression for the media, film and television. On the other hand, the law states that with freedom of expression is the responsibility of not offending viewers through obscenities or religious beliefs (Media Watch 2005). How can this be resolved?
- Religious Offense is a serious crime under the Religious Hatred Bill and other related laws yet it continues to wage on in our society (The Christian Institute 2010). This is characteristic of a diversified society with multiple ethnic groups living in it with different religious beliefs (Shah 2007). The question is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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