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Exploring Whether Technology Has Affected Children's Learning - Essay Example

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There is an ongoing debate on whether technology in the form of computers, television, mobile phones, video game consoles and other devices are beneficial or detrimental to children’s learning. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the outcomes of the use of technology by children on their learning. …
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Exploring Whether Technology Has Affected Childrens Learning
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that developmental achievements are found to be optimized in preschoolers when limited hours of computer activity is supplemented with physical play activities and social interactions. On the other hand, spending several hours on a home computer is related to numerous adverse effects including less sports and outdoor play, and obesity among young children. This confirms the beliefs of critics of computing and of excessive use of technology by children. Similarly multi-tasking that is increasingly prevalent among students, has adverse learning outcomes due to learning being hampered by several inputs from various sources at the same time.
This paper makes a conclusion that the effects of technology on cognitive skills development specifically in relation to visual-spatial skills and nonverbal forms of intelligence have been reviewed, and generally a positive correlation has been found. Contrastingly, the research evidence underlines the negative effect on young people of excessive time spent on playing video games depicting violence or gender stereotypes. Similar detrimental effects were found from violent and stereotypical content of media such as television and cinema. The impact of technology on children’s creativity, reflective thinking, critical analysis, and general meta-cognitive skills have not been studied. Future research should focus on large longitudinal studies over lengthy periods of time with children, to determine the right methodological approach and ideal durations of using various forms of technology. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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